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Lindsay Lohan’s Father Insists She Gave Oscar Worthy Performance in ‘The Parent Trap’

Lindsay Lohan’s Father Insists She Gave Oscar Worthy Performance in ‘The Parent Trap’

Michael Lohan, the father of actress Lindsay Lohan, claims that his daughter deserved an Academy Award for her work in The Parent Trap. Michael made his claim while being a guest on the Beyond the Velvet Rope podcast. Lindsay was the star of a 1998 remake for Disney. It appears that Michael believes his daughter did not get the amount of respect she deserved.

“I literally cried. I couldn’t believe my daughter was so talented, to switch her accents at the drop of a dime, on her own, and pull that off as she did,” Michael Lohan said. He’s referring to Lindsay’s efforts in a specific scene where Lohan played Hallie Parker and Annie James, who had a British accent. Lindsay was opposite the late Natasha Richardson in this scene, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Lindsay Lohan Spent Months Filming Movie

On the podcast, he also praised Lindsay for enduring “seven months of shooting.” She did this while also changing dialects in scenes. “It’s seamless. It’s flawless, and she should have gotten an Oscar for that film. There’s no question,” Michael Lohan said. “You show me another kid that age that could have pulled that off. I don’t know any.”

It’s also worth noting that when Lindsay Lohan did The Parent Trap in 1998, she was just 11 years old.

Back to the podcast. Michael managed to bring up the name of Judy Garland. He used Garland’s name while referencing all the promise that Lindsay Lohan’s career held when she was so young. Lohan said Garland was “amazing” during the early start of her career. Yet Lohan said that Garland was “much older than Lindsay.”

Michael also offered up some comments about how Lindsay Lohan was treated by the media while she sought sobriety. In the 2000s, Lindsay Lohan became a poster child for different issues. Tabloids began covering her life mercilessly. Michael claimed some networks offered to do a reality-based TV show on the family dynamics.

It never happened because of different thoughts about how to do those shows among family members.

Lohan Makes Comeback After Personal Issues

Lindsay Lohan started making a legit comeback in 2019 on MTV with Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Then, she found her way to a multi-picture deal with Netflix. Upcoming pictures featuring her include Irish Wish and Our Little Secret, where Lindsay and Mean Girls co-star Tim Meadows appear back together.

By the way, it’s a bit unclear if Michael and Lindsay are on speaking terms these days. There have been issues within the Lohan family over the years. So, it’s not clear whether Michael Lohan had made his feelings known to Lindsay before the podcast. There was some news last year stating Lindsay and other family members spent time together.

Lindsay Lohan is finally getting herself back in front of the camera. While her personal life continues to go through changes here and there, Lohan gets a chance to improve her image. That contract with Netflix and her performances will go a long way toward changing how the public views her.

As a child actor, Lindsay Lohan could be quite professional in her approach. At times, though, she could find herself simply acting her age. That’s tough to do when there are pretty much adults all over movie sets. Lindsay grew up and as she did, substance abuse and family troubles became a problem.

But she’s done a lot of work on herself, including a stint in rehab. Lohan has been married to financier Bader Shammas since 2022. They have a son as well. Lohan lives with her husband and child in Dubai, U.A.E.