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LeAnn Rimes Takes Fans Back to 2000, Recreates Iconic ‘Coyote Ugly’ Scene

LeAnn Rimes Takes Fans Back to 2000, Recreates Iconic ‘Coyote Ugly’ Scene

In a throwback like no other, country music star LeAnn Rimes recreated an iconic scene from the 2000 film Coyote Ugly. 

In an Instagram post on Thursday (Nov. 10), the country singer reenacted the famous scene between Bridget Moynahan’s character Rachel and Maria Bello’s Lil. Rimes appeared behind the bar at Coyote Ugly Piccadilly in London and someone asked, “Hey, can I get some water?” To which she responded with the throwback quote, “Hey Lil, do we serve water in this bar?” That was when the entire bar declared, “Hell no, H2O!” Rimes then smiled and sprayed a drink at the camera. She captioned the post, “Do we serve water in this bar…? If you know, you know…”

The Instagram post also had her song Can’t Fight the Moonlight, which is featured on the film’s soundtrack. LeAnn Rimes is currently on tour in the UK. She shared in a separate Instagram post she will be coming back to perform for her UK fans on May 8, 2023. “I couldn’t be more excited to be back with my UK loves for one night only, in London!” she stated. “We’ll be celebrating almost thirty years of music and memories and I would love you to join me there.” 

LeAnn Rimes Once Reflected on Being on the ‘Coyote Ugly’ Set At the Age of 17 

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2020, LeAnn Rimes reflected on her first time being in and dancing on top of a bar while on the set of Coyote Ugly. 

“I was 17,” she explained. “I was… This little sweet innocent girl and then… I was on set and they hand me these chicken cutlets to Putin my bra and they’re like, ‘Push ‘em up.’… that was my introduction to sexuality and being sexualized as a woman.”

LeAnn Rimes also stated that the experience was actually interesting and a shock to her system. “I was a kid looking at these women going, ‘I’ll just do what she’s doing.’ Nothing was really embodied.” 

Rimes then admitted she thought her appearance in Coyote Ugly was awkward. This is because she was “still growing into” herself at the time. “I was trying to be this sexy singer performing at a bar,” she continued. “And that was so opposite of me. I was really acting at the time cause I was still figuring all that out about myself. Now it’s a different story.” 

Rimes went on to add that now with her music there is so much more of an embodied experience since she lives through her songs. “It comes from a completely different place… I draw from my own life experiences.”