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Kurt Russell Teases Possible ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Sequel

Kurt Russell Teases Possible ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Sequel

Kurt Russell has made a name for himself in a number of movies throughout his career, including Big Trouble in Little China. Directed by John Carpenter, the film introduced Jack Burton, played by Russell, to a new audience. With the popularity of this cult favorite film, is another one in the works? Would Russell be willing and able to be a part of it?

“Ya never say never,” Russell said according to ComicBook.com. “If somebody were to write a great script that was better than the first one, it had something new to say, I don’t know.” What about getting Carpenter behind the camera? He said, “We could slap John Carpenter around a bit and say, ‘Come on, John, let’s go do this.’”

There have been some reports in the past that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson thought about doing a Jack Burton film himself. But those reports were unfounded.

‘Big Trouble in Little China’ As A Video Game?

Well, when directly asked about turning a film into a video game, Carpenter said, “I don’t know. I think, maybe … Big Trouble in Little China, seems to me would be a fun video game and kick ass. There’s also, by the way, a Thing card game. I mean, there’s a lot of these games. There’s actually a They Live game. I don’t know that there would ever be a Prince of Darkness game. I don’t see that.”

These days, Russell can be seen on the Apple+ TV show Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

In the original movie, Burton, a long-distance trucker, looks to help his friend Wang go get his fiancee, Miao Yin. Yet a mystery of an ancient curse unfolds as Jack barrels into the criminal underworld located in Chinatown in San Fransisco. Burton gets busy looking for Chinese sorcerer David Lo Pan. Things unfold as Jack looks to save the girl from the magician.

Kurt Russell Has Been In Numerous TV Shows, Films

Russell has been involved in movies and television work for many years. He got his start in the TV series The Travels of Jamie McPheeters, which recently has been part of Get TV’s Saturday morning lineup. Russell also went on to star in numerous Walt Disney movies in the 1970s.

But Carpenter and Russell had worked on other movies, too. They include Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., and The Thing. Russell continues to find work when he wants to do so. Of course, Russell’s fans know that he’s been a partner with Goldie Hawn for many years.

Among Carpenter’s films include Halloween, The Thing, Starman, They Live, Vampires, and Ghost of Mars.

The fact that Russell and Carpenter are possibly open to doing this sequel should give fans some glimpse of hope. They seem to work well together and have a sense of each other’s creative abilities. Fans can hold out hope that they will work together again.