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‘Karate Kid’: What We Want to See in the Upcoming Sequel Teaming Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan

‘Karate Kid’: What We Want to See in the Upcoming Sequel Teaming Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio are teaming up for a new Karate Kid sequel, raising a lot of hopes and fears of fans of the franchise. Macchio reprises his iconic role as Daniel LaRusso, mentored by Mr. Miyagi (played by the late Pat Morita). Chan joins the cast as Mr. Han, the kung fu master who guided Jaden Smith’s character in Sony’s 2010 Karate Kid remake.

The new film is expected to expand on the original franchise’s mythology. However, little is known beyond a casting call video recently released featuring Chan and Macchio. It appears a new character will be the titular “Karate Kid”.

Mr. Miyagi’s Legacy Needs to be Respected in the Next ‘Karate Kid’

The inclusion of Jackie Chan and the casting call for a fresh face raises questions for fans of the original films and the sequel TV show, Cobra Kai. The 2010 reboot of The Karate Kid, featuring Chan and Jaden Smith, garnered mixed reviews. However, Jackie Chan’s performance stood out as the highlight of the film. This adaptation of the original 1984 story introduced a fresh setting and a contemporary world, replacing karate with the study of kung fu.

That said, fans of the original franchise need to see Pat Morita’s Mr. Miyagi properly respected. The heart of the original films and even Cobra Kai are with Miyagi’s teachings. To see his legacy completely upended by Chan’s Mr. Han would be a crane kick to the face for fans of the franchise. Likewise, karate itself should be given its due rather than tossed aside as a joke.

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Of course, there’s no reason for karate and kung fu to not be both incorporated into the film. Daniel LaRusso will likely see echoes of Mr.Miyagi in Mr. Han when they encounter each other. Mr. Han shouldn’t be a replacement for Miyagi like he was in the reboot if LaRusso is involved. Hopefully, the filmmakers will cleverly combine Chan’s charisma and martial arts skills with Macchio’s humor while paying homage to the nostalgic and sincere teachings of the original film on self-respect, family values, and patience.

‘The Karate Kid’ Sequel with Ralph Macchio & Jackie Chan Shouldn’t Leave Out William Zabka

Meanwhile, Cobra Kai continues Ralph Macchio’s movie saga. It tracks LaRusso and rival Johnny Lawrence as they mentor a new generation of karate students at the Cobra Kai dojo for tournaments. The show has been a major success, with the upcoming sixth season drawing the series to its conclusion.

Of course, Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso is a major component of the show. However, William Zabka’s portrayal of the original film’s villain, Johnny Lawernce is the core of the series. Johnny has the ultimate redemption arc on Cobra Kai. Stuck in arrested development since his crushing defeat in a karate tournament decades before, it’s been a journey seeing Johnny grow and mature. He goes from something of a modern-day Archie Bunker to a more open-minded, mature adult by teaching martial arts to young people.

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The series began with Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawerence being rivals once more. However, they’ve both grown beyond the rivalry, buried the hatchet and now run a dojo together.

It is truly disappointing that William Zabka was not included in the casting call video. Without a doubt, Johnny Lawrence is the driving force behind the franchise’s resurrection. To imply Zabka may not be involved in this new film is a major miscalculation. Johnny Lawrence leveled up from the one-note first film Big Bad to the face of the franchise. Fans need to see him in the new film, and not just in a cameo.

Hopefully, season six of Cobra Kai ends by teeing up Johnny Lawrence to appear with Daniel LaRusso in the upcoming The Karate Kid film. Give the fans what they want! The 2024 The Karate Kid poster should feature William Zabka’s mug alongside Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio.