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Is Elon Musk Paying Homage to an Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic With the Cybertruck?

Is Elon Musk Paying Homage to an Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic With the Cybertruck?

People are wondering if the Elon Musk creation, the Cybertruck, has a little look that harkens back to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Movie fans are looking at an Elon Musk Cybertruck and eyeballing it real closely. A few see comparisons with the vehicle from a Schwarzenegger film, Total Recall. It has a special look to it.

So, the question becomes: Is Musk paying tribute to the car from Schwarzenegger’s film Total Recall with the Cybertruck? Anything is possible. But the Tesla crew creates stuff that adds a little bit of futuristic energy to it.

Does Cybertruck Look Like ‘Total Recall’ Vehicles?

Total Recall fans will possibly see some similarities between the Cybertruck and the vehicles from the movie. It’s also worth noting that the same substance used to create SpaceX rockets is used on the Cybertrucks.

This Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is full of action and adventure. Musk presents his Cybertruck to go and have your adventure with it. One thing Elon Musk’s car also provides is a driverless option.

That’s right. You can pay an extra fee beyond the retail price for the Cybertruck. With it, the Tesla people will make sure that your car has that driver-less capability.

When fans of Musk’s work see a Cybertruck out in public, they are pretty much guaranteed to take a photo. There are those, too, who will capture the creative vehicle in a video. Then, they’ll post it on their social media accounts.

And it appears that Musk is ready to proclaim another use for the Cybertruck as a boat. You can take it into your favorite waterway. In December 2023, Elon Musk raised the idea of this happening.

He wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, “We are going to offer a mod package that enables Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat. Mostly just need to upgrade cabin door seals.”

Cybertruck Could Be Turned Into A Boat

Lars Moravy, Tesla’s vice president of vehicle engineering, talked about this during an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage. “Elon did want to make it a boat,” Moravy said to Leno. “The vehicle almost floats, maybe you have to add a little bit of extra buoyancy just to keep it up.

“If you’re creative, and you want, you could figure out how to put an outboard motor, plugged into your outlet there, turn it on from your screen, and go boating,” Moravy said, according to Business Insider.

This definitely shows another aspect of out-of-the-box thinking for Musk and his employees. When this is actually done, you can expect someone to post a video about it. Just another futuristic journey for Elon Musk and his Cybertruck.