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‘Indiana Jones’ Screen Worn Costume Expected to Fetch Over $360K at Auction

‘Indiana Jones’ Screen Worn Costume Expected to Fetch Over $360K at Auction

Indiana Jones’ iconic threads are up for sale, but the costume will cost a real treasure haul for the super fan who grabs it. Harrison Ford’s iconic Raiders of the Lost Ark shirt has been discovered. It’s set to go under the hammer this week, with an astonishing estimated selling price.

Released in 1981, Ford’s first adventure as the intrepid archaeologist spawned a franchise that now includes five films and a 90s TV series. The hero rocks one of the most legendary movie costumes, with his silhouette alone being iconic. Donning a fedora, leather jacket, and beige shirt, and cracking a bullwhip like nobody’s business, Dr. Jones is one of a kind.

A true Indiana Jones fan can now snag Ford’s iconic beige button-down shirt from Raiders on the Propstore website.

The shirt, which has been confirmed through forensic analysis to be the one Ford actually wore, is expected to be sold for an estimated price range of $185,000 to $369,000 USD.

The shirt had reportedly been lost for many years. It changed hands for very little money at charity shops and on eBay before it was eventually discovered and examined. The shirt was then used as a reference for creating Ford’s shirt in last summer’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Harrison Ford Wasn’t Always on Board with the Indiana Jones Costume

Despite the iconic nature of Dr. Jones’ threads, star Harrison Ford questioned the fashion choices initially. Especially donning leather in the jungle and the desert.

“[The costume] was presented to me as an aspect of character in the first film,” Ford told GQ last summer. “My questions about it were many. Why am I wearing a leather jacket in the jungle? Isn’t it hot here? Why am I carrying a whip? What am I going to do with a [darn] whip? I’m going to whip people?”

Indy creators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg convinced Ford that the costume, including the iconic hat, transported him to a bygone era. the character pays tribute to the golden age of cinema. Of course, Ford, being the true maverick, rocked every piece with no objections. The rest, as they say, is blockbuster history.

During production, Ford made a famous claim that he stapled the fedora to his head. This was to prevent the hat from flying off during action scenes. In the interview with GQ, Ford joked that he still bears the scars from the staples.