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‘Indiana Jones’: An Old Injury Made Cracking the Whip Painful for Harrison Ford

‘Indiana Jones’: An Old Injury Made Cracking the Whip Painful for Harrison Ford

Although Harrison Ford is the one and only Indiana Jones, the long-time actor was experiencing a lot of pain during his famous “cracking the whip” scenes. 

In the book, The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark, by Derek Taylor, Harrison Ford opened up about an injury that continued to cause him issues for years. “I busted my wrist when I was a carpenter,” the Indiana Jones star explained. The actor noted that he fell off a ladder while working at Valerie Harper’s house and that his wrist never recovered fully after the fall. “When I started bullwhipping I realized how important a wrist was.”

Thankfully, the whip scenes were few and far in-between, making Ford’s training relatively easy. “I had very little instruction,” the actor shared. “There’s not a lot you can do. Glenn Randall, the stunt coordinator, showed me how not to whip the hell out of myself. But half an hour after he started training me he finished because it’s really something you have to do for yourself.“

Harrison Ford began playing Indiana Jones in 1981 and has taken on the role in five films. The latest installment, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny premiered earlier this summer.

Harrison Ford Opens Up About Reprising His Role As ‘Indiana Jones’ For What May Be The Last Time 

While promoting Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Harrison Ford spoke about reprising the role for the fifth (and possibly final) time. 

“What a ride!” Ford told Entertainment Weekly. He then spoke about not using the term “legend” to describe himself or his acting career. “I know that I consider myself to be a working actor and I’ll settle for that.”

The Indiana Jones star spoke about his character and said the fifth installment of the franchise felt like a “wonderful opportunity” for him. “I want to see him reflect on the behavior he has exhibited over his life,” Ford said about the iconic role. “He’s retiring from academia. He’s been teaching disinterested students archeology, at a time when everybody’s thinking forward. No one wants to think about the past.”

While Steven Spielberg didn’t direct the newest film, Ford stated that the filmmaker was always in his head and heart during filming. Spielberg did, however, assume the role of executive producer. 

In regards to him playing the role time and time again, Ford added that the audience loyalty for the franchise is exceptional. “I guess it has to do with rinse and repeat, perhaps, but it is gratifying. And what’s more gratifying than that is the fact that these movies have been passed on from generation to generation. And that really has introduced me to new generations of filmgoers.”