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‘Home Alone’: Just How Rich Were the McCallisters?

‘Home Alone’: Just How Rich Were the McCallisters?

It appears that fans of Home Alone seem to have lingering questions about the McCallister family, even after leaving Kevin at home. But these fans are not simply looking for easy answers. Oh no. They want to know about the wealth and prosperity of the family itself.

Look, how can they afford that fancy trip to Paris? And what about that big house they live in? We all get to see just how big it is as Kevin hustles to keep the crooks out.

So, this is one of those questions that has lingered about since Home Alone first aired in 1990. People have to take into account that prices 30 years ago will be different in today’s marketplace. Where can we turn to for some help to figure this mystery out? Nope, Scooby-Doo and his pals won’t help in this case.

‘Home Alone’ Family Wasn’t Hurting For Money

According to EW, it took The New York Times to take on this matter. The publication went all the way to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to get some help. What did they do? Get down to some serious numbers crunching. The Fed took a look at the McCallister home’s estimated property value back in 1990. They also reviewed Chicago-area income data from that time.

Here’s what they happened to find out. Fed numbers indicate Peter and Kate McCallister, played by John Heard and Catherine O’Hara, needed to earn around $305,000 yearly in 1990 to afford their home. Those figures equate to around $665,000 in 2022 numbers. The McCallister house is on the North Shore in Chicago. According to a Zillow estimate, that house would be priced at $2.4 million in 2022.

The movie never makes it clear what Peter and Kate do for a living. A novelization of the Home Alone story was written by Todd Strasser. In it, we find that Kate might have been a fashion designer. And Peter? Some type of businessman.

Over the years, viewers have grown ever closer to the McCallister family. They’ve almost become close friends. That’s what kind of happens when one likes a movie like Home Alone so much. It also leads to a lot of questions being asked regarding the movie and its cast.

Macauley Culkin Now Has Quite A Family

Macauley Culkin, who endeared himself to millions as Kevin, has moved on with his life after Home Alone. Culkin has a fiancee in Brenda Song and two lovely children in his life. Recently, Culkin was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. O’Hara happened to show up for the ceremony.

Culkin appeared in the first two Home Alone movies before declining a third time as Kevin. Home Alone, of course, can be seen at any point during the year. But it’s also found a place in the Christmas movie world. That comes from all the Christmas decorations that are all around in the flick.

Sadly, since Home Alone hit the movie screens, two of its stars have died. Heard died in 2017 at 71 years old from cardiac arrest. John Candy, who played Gus Polinksi, died of a heart attack while working on a film in Mexico. Candy was 43 when he died in 1994.