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‘Hocus Pocus’ Writer Reveals Theory of What Max, Allison Are Doing Today

‘Hocus Pocus’ Writer Reveals Theory of What Max, Allison Are Doing Today

While she’s currently working on Hocus Pocus 3, writer Jen D’Angelo has some thoughts about what life is like for the original film’s characters, Max and Allison. 

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, D’Angelo spoke about Omri Katz’s Max and Vinessa Shaw’s Allison as well as shared her own theories about the characters’ fates. “My unofficial belief is that Max has a successful band, he’s the drummer, and they’re touring,” D’Angelo declared. The franchise’s writer also said that Max did end up with Allison after they defeated the Sanderson Sisters (played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy)in 1993.  

“He and Allison live and California, they have an amazing life,” the Hocus Pocus writer continued her prediction. “She works at a museum, she’s a curator!”

Although Katz, Shaw, and Thora Birch (who played Dani) did not appear in the Hocus Pocus sequel, D’Angelo revealed she wrote Cameron for several of the original cast members. But none of them made the final cut. Katz previously told EW that he’s open to coming back and reprising his Hocus Pocus role. “It would be an honor to return, hopefully with some of my fellow castmates, and make a fun addition to the franchise!”

D’Angelo recently stated that she would love to see some OG Hocus Pocus characters return. Even bringing back Max’s bullies, Jay and Ice. “We love these characters so much and they’re so iconic that if we do see them, we want them to really have a reason for being in the story, not just to be able to see them and check it off the list.”

‘Hocus Pocus 3’ Writer Says the Film’s Story is Still in the Works

Meanwhile, D’Angelo stated that she and the other writers are now working on Hocus Pocus 3. She noted that they are still in the writing process.

“We’ve been working on some ideas, and it’s been fun to dive back into that world,” she explained. “And we have so many directions in which to go and so many new characters to explore.”

D’Angelo also stated that the writers have “only scratched the surface” of Hannah Waddingham’s mother witch. She noted that anything’s on the table when it comes to the Hocus Pocus franchise’s third film. The upcoming film will premiere more than 30 years after the original movie’s premiere. Although the Sanderson Sisters were once again defeated in the 2022 sequel, more than likely they will be making a return and will be seeking revenge on the town of Salem. 

However, no one has officially signed on for Hocus Pocus yet.