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‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Initially Included Cameos From Three Stars of the Original Film

‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Initially Included Cameos From Three Stars of the Original Film

The 2022 Hocus Pocus sequel originally included more of the original cast mates. But the final script sadly left them out of the story. 

The film’s screenwriter, Jen D’Angelo, spoke with Entertainment Weekly for an interview that was published on Friday (Oct. 27), and she shared that she originally intended have have Max Dennison actor Omri Katz and Jay and Ice actors Tobias Jelinek and Larry Bagby return for cameos in the reboot. 

“We love these characters so much. And they’re so iconic that if we do see them, we want them to really have a reason for being in the story, not just to be able to see them and check it off the list,” she shared. 

Hocus Pocus 2 follows a group of modern-day high school girls who summon the Sanderson witches—played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy—back to Salem on Halloween night once again. The evil trio embarks on their typical plight to eat children’s souls. And the girls attempt to send them back to their otherworldly prison with some help from the owner of a spell shop and zombie Billy Butcherson.

Max Dennison Almost Had Another Sanderson Sister Encounter in ‘Hocus Pocus 2’

In one of the early versions of the script, Max had a brief appearance that gave him “one quick moment with the Sanderson Sisters.” 

There was also a script that gave Max’s bullies a chance at redemption. 

“I have such a soft spot for [Jay and Ice],” D’Angelo said. “I find them very emotional also. Even though they’re these cartoonish bullies, they’re sweet. They get a real punishment at the end: they’re locked in the cages for how long? They’ve been humbled.” 

While D’Angelo envisioned that Jay and Ice put their bullying days behind them, she didn’t believe they grew into heroic men. She planned on making that clear had they appeared in the movie. 

“One of the jokes that naturally had to fall out that I was so sad to lose was that Ice and Jay were handing out candy, and they saw the Sanderson Sisters fly past. You think they’re going to jump in and save the day,” she said. “But they immediately run and hide because they’re cowards.”

The screenwriter admitted that cutting the three cameos was “a very tough decision.” But D’Angelo hinted that she may get a chance to bring the characters back for Hocus Pocus 3, which is currently in development. She may also bring back Hannah Waddingham’s mother witch, as well. 

“Those original characters are still very much a part of this world,” she continued. “I hope we’ll see them.”