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‘Good Burger 2’ Writers Hint That Another Sequel Is Coming… in 2053

‘Good Burger 2’ Writers Hint That Another Sequel Is Coming… in 2053

Good Burger fans finally got their sequel 25 years after the original movie aired. And they should enjoy it while they can because a Good Burger 3 isn’t due out for another three decades. 

The second film debuted on Paramount+ on November 22, and fans are loving the nostalgic reboot. They’re loving it so much that they’re already asking for another installment, and creators Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert joked that won’t happen until 2053.

“It feels so odd to say Good Burger 3 right now,” Kopelow admitted during an interview with PopCulture

The first movie, which dropped in 1997, is based on a recurring All That sketch starring Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The story follows Ed and Dex, who are trying to save an old burger joint they work for after a fancy new chain moves into town. The second film picks up in the modern day with the two lead characters reuniting at that same restaurant. 

‘Good Burger’ is Filled With ‘Cameos’ and ‘Easter Eggs’

According to an official synopsis, Dex is suffering a major setback after one of his inventions fails. So Ed asks him to return to his old position at Good Burger. Dex jumps back into his old job “with a hilarious new group of employees,” and hatches a plan to “get back on his feet.” However, that plan puts the restaurant “at risk once again.” 

“There’s going to be many things for you to enjoy that a lot of Easter Eggs and a lot of Josh and Lori,” Kopelow told the publication. “There’s a lot of things in there that you’re going to enjoy, and your kids won’t even realize what you’re enjoying, but they’ll enjoy it, too.” 

Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server from All That and the first film also return to the screen with Keenan and Kal. 

“There’s a lot of cameos and a lot of great comedy that I think a whole new generation of fans will like.” He continued “And then they’ll be talking about it when they watch Good Burger 3 with their kids in the year 2052.” 

Both Good Burger installments are available for Paramount + subscribers today.