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George Clooney Claims There Are ‘Not Enough Drugs in the World’ for a ‘Batman’ Return

George Clooney Claims There Are ‘Not Enough Drugs in the World’ for a ‘Batman’ Return

George Clooney infamously played Batman in one of the franchise’s movies and let’s just say he wasn’t a fan of his own work. Clooney has been quite candid in interviews about his turn as Bruce Wayne in Batman & Robin. For him, it simply was not a good experience. Yes, he did appear in that role for 2023’s The Flash. Still, would he consider coming back for another movie?

“I don’t think there are enough drugs in the world for me to go back again,” Clooney said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. What about that return in The Flash? Doesn’t that mean something to the actor? Well, apparently not. Clooney appeared to be in a joking mood about the role. Clooney made his remarks while at the premiere of his latest directorial effort, The Boys in the Boat.

George Clooney Gets Silly About Being Batman

“I thought there was such a clamor for me to come back as Batman, as you know. There was a clamor,” Clooney said for Entertainment Weekly. No, George, no one really wants to see you dressed up like the Caped Crusader again. “I actually said, ‘Where are my rubber nipples?’ And they were like, ‘Can we do it without the rubber nipples?’ I was like, ‘Well, it’s not really my Batman, is it?’”

If you want to have an idea about how much he hates that movie, listen to him talk about the screenwriter. He got down and dirty about it with Howard Stern back in 2020. “Akiva Goldsman — who’s won the Oscar for writing since then — he wrote the screenplay,” Clooney said. “And it’s a terrible screenplay, he’ll tell you. I’m terrible in it, I’ll tell you.”

Here’s the thing, though, for Clooney. He’s got a young son who happens to be a big Batman fan. Even with this incentive, Clooney will simply defer to another actor to play Batman.

It Turns Out That Clooney’s Son Loves Superhero

“My son is in love with Batman. Right? He’s in love with Batman. That’s all he talks about is Batman,” Clooney said. “And I’m like, ‘You know I was Batman?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, not anymore.’ He has no idea how right he is.”

Clooney added, “How do you tell your 6-year-old son that Batman had nipples?”

See, old George does not mind taking potshots at work he’s not a fan of at all. Clooney, though, can pinpoint to many other successes in his career. He’s hoping that his directorial work will be well received by the public.

People have seen him on TV for many years. He had a role on The Golden Girls, but that was before his breakout role on ER. Then, the talented actor found his way to the big screen. The rest, as they say, is history.