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First Image From New Michael Jackson Biopic Sets Internet on Fire

First Image From New Michael Jackson Biopic Sets Internet on Fire

Seeing Michael Jackson when he was alive was worth viewing, but his nephew Jaafar Jackson is sending out shockwaves.

Jaafar Jackson also is the son of Jermaine Jackson, one of Michael’s brothers. With this picture coming out on the official Michael Jackson X (formerly Twitter) account, fans are getting their first view of Jaafar as Michael. This work is being done for a biopic fittingly named Michael.

One fan wrote, “This is awesome!! Jaafar looks amazing as his Uncle!” Another fan on X said, “OMG!!!!! JAAFAR?!!!! AMAZING!!” Getting Jackson’s nephew on board, one who can fully embrace Michael’s dancing and energy, gives this biopic a fighting chance. Fans who are already connected to anything and everything Jackson just want to get their tickets now.

Michael Jackson Biopic Photo Set In Early 90s

For the waiting fans, this movie is slated to come out in 2025. The image shown here appears to place Jackson on his Dangerous tour, which was in the early 1990s.

Photographer Kevin Mazur was the man behind the camera lens who snapped this picture. He does have a history with Michael Jackson. He was working on the This Is It tour ahead of Jackson’s death.

Mazur was overtaken with emotion upon first seeing Jaafar on the stage. His mind drifted back to visions of Michael Jackson when he was working on that tour.

“When I arrived for my first day on the set of this movie, I was so excited – it was like the first time I went on tour to shoot Michael Jackson,” Mazur said, according to Do You Remember. “When I walked onto the set, I felt like I’d gone back in time and I was walking into the stadium to shoot the tour. Seeing Jaafar perform, I thought, ‘Wow, it is Michael.’ The way he looks and acts, his mannerisms, everything – he’s Michael Jackson. For anyone who didn’t have the chance to see Michael perform live during his lifetime – this is how it was.”

Another fan wrote, “WOW!!! Made me do a double take!! He looks so much like Michael!” This fan was lit when seeing this picture, which crossed the Jackson timeline. “It’s happening y’all BEEEEE READY FOR THE BEST BIOPIC EVER,” this fan wrote.

Will Jackson’s Movie Show His Dark Sides?

One thing biopics tend to do is only focus on the person’s highlights. While Michael Jackson had plenty of top-flight moments in his lifetime, there were plenty of darkened spots. Will this movie not only show Jackson dancing and singing his heart out but those additional issues?

Michael Jackson also had some lifestyle choices that left some people shaking their heads. He reportedly spent time in a hyperbaric chamber for some health issues. Tragically, the drug issues that played a role in his death will deserve to be in the biopic.

People close to Jackson are those who only know some or all of the truth about his lifestyle. Yes, he had a tough upbringing with a demanding father focusing on him and his brothers. The Jackson 5 had some fantastic success when Michael was a young boy. He happened to be the center of attention when his voice-anchored hits like A-B-C and I’ll Be There.

Still, later in life, Michael opened up about his tough relationship with Joe Jackson. That was not a lovey-dovey time between father and son. Michael sold millions of records in his lifetime, with Thriller among the top-selling ones in history. It also helped his career to be a part of MTV’s early rotation of videos. Getting Beat It and Thriller in regular rotation meant his music would find a home on MTV almost on an hourly basis.

Now, however, this biopic comes out, seeing a photo of Jaafar Jackson that looks so much like Michael Jackson on the stage will whet fans’ appetites. Michael is due out at some point in 2025, so you have plenty of time to make your plans.