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‘Fight Club’ Creator Reveals He Hasn’t Seen Film in 20 Years: ‘And I Don’t Want to’

‘Fight Club’ Creator Reveals He Hasn’t Seen Film in 20 Years: ‘And I Don’t Want to’

Film director David Fincher has brought audiences some of the most interesting movies to the big screen, like Fight Club. Like most directors, Fincher keeps the treadmill of movie ideas and projects moving all the time. Doing so keeps him busy but also might prevent him from living in the past.

Fight Club definitely falls under one of his most amazing pieces of work. Brad Pitt stars and pretty much plays Tyler in a gritty, realistic way.

Watching Fight Club after all these years might be a fun exercise for Fincher to do. Would he have any interest in doing so?

“I haven’t seen it in 20 years. And I don’t want to,” David Fincher tells GQ in an interview. When asked if he likes to look at his old projects, Fincher’s answer was mixed. “No— yes,” he said. “It’s like looking at your grade school pictures, or something. ‘Yeah, I was there.’”

David Fincher Focusing On New Project, ‘The Killer’

Right now, David Fincher is out talking about his latest project, The Killer. Interviewer Jack King asks Fincher about getting Michael Fassbender for the movie in racing’s off-season. “Yeah, you have to,” Fincher said. “I don’t know that it was difficult. I think we had to rush a couple of things, because we had a five-and-a-half month window, and it was an 80-day schedule because there was a lot of travel. So it was a question of the Venn diagram of when he’s available when we can get the production together, and when it’s not hurricane season.”

King asks David Fincher if he had to get an OK from some of the big corporate companies for them to appear in The Killer. “Amazon gave us that Amazon ‘wall,’ and they were great about it. We were shooting in Chicago, and they’d just been asked to remove one. It was an Amazon delivery kiosk that was along a park, or something. So we came in.” He said that he didn’t know that McDonald’s in Paris was like a hole-in-the-wall space. And as for WeWork, a third big-company advertiser, David Fincher said their space is no longer under construction.

Some filmmakers are watching with trepidation the influence that AI is having in their business. What does Fincher think about that? He recalled having a piece of dialogue simply run through with Fassbender. Then, after a few days, Fassbender takes an iPhone and speaks into it. The dialogue is run through an AI tool and it sounds pitch-perfect.

David Fincher is known for his creepy movies like Seven. But this latest project promises to have enough thrills of its own.