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Dolph Lundgren Reflects on What He Learned from Sylvester Stallone on ‘Rocky IV’ Set

Dolph Lundgren Reflects on What He Learned from Sylvester Stallone on ‘Rocky IV’ Set

Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone have worked on projects beyond the Rocky films but the Ivan Drago actor is learning a lot. What about, you might ask? These days, Lundgren is acclimating himself to a life beyond being in front of the camera.

He and Sylvester Stallone paired up for Creed II and the movies in the Expendables series. With all that work around the Rocky star, Lundgren must have picked up a few tips from Stallone. “I learned from Stallone about discipline and being prepared,” Lundgren told ComicBook.com.

Dolph Lundgren is both in front of and behind the camera for Wanted Man. Besides Stallone, Lundgren also picked up directing tips from Sidney Furie and Clint Eastwood.

Dolph Lundgren Learned From His First Director

“I learned a lot from the guy who gave me my first job, and that was Sidney Furie,” Lundgren said. “He’s an old-time director. He did a lot of movies with Marlon Brando and Michael Caine. He got sick in 2004, and I took over directing the movie. I learned a lot from him.”

Dolph Lundgren was in the movie Direct Action, which came out in 2004. In 2003, Furie directed Lundgren in Detention.

He had high praise for Eastwood, who also has a solid acting career. Lundgren said while he hasn’t worked with Eastwood, he likes the way Eastwood quickly shoots scenes and keeps things moving on a movie set. “I like to make it simple and enjoyable for everybody involved,” he said.

Look for Wanted Man to come out on digital on Friday.

Meanwhile, reportedly there is a Drago movie in the works too. But Sylvester Stallone is holding up on moving forward as he wants a sweeter deal from MGM.

Actor Maintains Good Health With Martial Arts

Lundgren has pretty much been the picture of good health throughout his career. That could be a tip of the cap toward his martial arts practice. But Dolph Lundgren admitted in an interview that he’s been battling cancer since 2015.

Life for Lundgren has taken some interesting turns. He achieved academic success in his life while also staying true to his martial arts practice. Lundgren pursued an engineering degree and received a scholarship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This was to be a doorway for him to reach his pinnacle.

But Lundgren wanted to take a different path. In the early 1980s, he moved to New York City so he could pursue a dream of acting.

When he got there, he changed his first name from Hans to Dolph. Lundgren started to study acting at the Warren Robertson Theater Workshop, which was located in Manhattan. Things changed quickly in his life when he was selected to play Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

The rest for Lundgren is history. He soon found himself becoming a hot commodity, appearing in up to 30 films as of the current time. Expanding his work into being a director will help set him up for success when his time in front of the camera ends.

Time will tell if he and Sylvester Stallone ever work together again on another movie. Who knows? It might lead them to do another film together.