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Daryl Hannah Reveals She Was ‘Incredibly Anxious’ About Baring All for ‘Splash’

Daryl Hannah Reveals She Was ‘Incredibly Anxious’ About Baring All for ‘Splash’

Daryl Hannah recently admitted feeling ‘incredibly anxious’ about her nude performance in the 1984 fantasy-comedy film Splash. The 63-year-old actress took the plunge with Tom Hanks in the Ron Howard-directed film about a man who found love with a mermaid. Hannah remembers being “naive” during the filming process, which took place when she was in her early twenties.

Daryl Hannah admitted to having a splash of nerves when baring it all came up during the filming of Splash. “I was very world-traveled, but very sheltered at the same time,” she recently told People. “I hadn’t really had a boyfriend yet…so I was incredibly anxious about any nudity.”

The Blade Runner star mentioned that Howard’s team developed a technique to showcase a large portion of her skin while concealing her breasts. “[Ron Howard and the crew] came up with my hair covering my boobs because they didn’t want me to have any kind of, I don’t know, shell bathing suit top or anything — which I understood,” she explained.

Daryl Hannah Says She Wouldn’t Lock Lips With Tom Hanks During Rehearsals for ‘Splash’

Hannah spilled about a scene where she had to lock lips with Hanks. She paddled clear of any real-world smooches during rehearsals.

“Once you do it once, then it’s easier to get through the next time. But that first time, when you don’t know somebody and you have to kiss them, is so embarrassing. At least for me, it was,’ she explained. Hannah amusingly added that filming the movie was quite embarrassing.

Hannah mentioned that, while she had mostly withdrawn from her acting career, she remained open to the right project. “I suppose if something really cool that I thought would transform me in that kind of way came up, I might do it,” she admitted.

Alongside Hannah and Hanks, Splash featured talented performers including Eugene Levy, Dody Goodman, and the legendary John Candy. Hannah’s character reportedly attracted the interest of several actresses. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sharon Stone, and Melanie Griffith all were considered during the film’s pre-production phase.

Splash was a smash hit with viewers after its premiere. It raked in close to $70 million globally during its release, as reported by Box Office Mojo. Screenwriters Bruce Jay Friedman, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, and story contributor/producer Brian Grazer were also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.