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Danny DeVito Reveals Why ‘Twins 2’ With Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Happened

Danny DeVito Reveals Why ‘Twins 2’ With Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Happened

Danny DeVito personally believes Arnold Schwarzenegger made the wrong decision when he chose a political career over starring in Twins 2.

The two actors turned the original 1988 film into a classic when they played fraternal twins Julius and Vincent—who look like exact opposites—born to a science experiment in the 1950s. The comedy is still a hit today, and the actors talked about doing a sequel for decades. But the plan never came to fruition because Schwarzenegger made a career change in the early 2000s.

“Arnold and I want to work together. We missed Twins 2 because he became governor — which, he should have done Twins 2 instead of becoming governor,” DeVito joked while talking with GQ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito Nearly Got a ‘Twins’ Sequel on Film

Arnold Schwarzenegger served as California’s governor from 2003 until 2011. The duo nearly got their long-awaited sequel this year, over a decade after Schwarzenegger gave up his political throne. The movie was titled Triplets and starred Tracy Morgan as a long-lost third brother. But after getting the project off the ground, Jason Reitman, son of late Twins director Ivan Reitman, put a pin in it. 

“Jason Reitman f—ed it up! Jason Reitman literally stopped the project when his father died. His father wanted to do it really badly. I wanted to do it really badly. Danny DeVito wanted to do it really badly,” Schwarzenegger told The Hollywood Reporter in May. “We had the financing. When his father passed away, Jason said, ‘I never liked the idea’ and put a hold on it.”

As the Terminator star made clear, he and DeVito were devastated when they learned they couldn’t film their movie. Despite the bad news, the two have found another way to collaborate. 

“Now we have a little thing going, a little project that we’ve been chatting about,” DeVito teased. “…It’s just two friends, two guys because we have a good time together.” 

Danny DeVito said the project has no connections to Twins. He and his friend simply wanted to film together once again. 

“We complement each other in a lot of ways. I am way stronger than he is,” DeVito laughed. 

The Oscar nominee declined to give any further details and, as Triplets proved, Hollywood projects have a tendency to fall apart. But hopefully, the two will find a way to get their movie or series to screens.