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Clint Eastwood Retired from Acting Until This Role Drew Him Back

Clint Eastwood Retired from Acting Until This Role Drew Him Back

Clint Eastwood has been successful in front of and behind the camera, but he felt like his time as an actor was winding down. He pulled double duty when making Million Dollar Baby, which also starred Hilary Swank. Eastwood may have felt, for some reason, that the movie would be a good way of stepping behind the camera on a full-time basis.

Now, the question was would that be enough to keep Eastwood the actor satisfied? Only he could answer that in his own time.

“I said that back when we did Million Dollar Baby,” Eastwood said in an interview with The Yorkshire Post. “I figured maybe this would be good – to quit on top, unlike a prize fighter who fights one too many fights.” He probably would have stuck by his guns. And for four years, Eastwood did not put himself out there as a working actor. Yet when something does come along to pique your interest, then it might be worth checking out. That’s what he did when breaking a four-year hiatus as an actor.

“Then Gran Torino came along,” Clint Eastwood told The Post, according to Far Out Magazine. “It seemed like an interesting part. It was a man my age, and I figured I wasn’t stretching things that much. So I decided I’d go ahead and have another shot.”

Clint Eastwood Found Fountain of Youth In Role

Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, an embattled old man who is a Korean War veteran and a retired auto worker. Kowalski spends his days sitting in his chair outside. He drinks beer and watches minorities and their families move into his neighborhood.

When some teens try to force a teen to steal Walt’s prized car, Walt stands up to them. After scaring them off, the teen and Walt begin to talk with each other.

As the conversations roll along, Walt and the teenager forge a friendship. Gran Torino grossed $270 million at the box office. This proves that Eastwood fans loved to see him in solid roles.

All of this takes place in the backdrop of Clint Eastwood talking about times that he’s thought of quitting. Maybe he’s “aged out” of a lot of roles in the movie industry.

“I’ve threatened to quit, but maybe that’s a defense mechanism because there aren’t enough good roles at my age,” Eastwood told Film Comment in another interview. “That’s probably true, and if it is, I’ll stay behind the camera.

“The reason I started directing 37 years ago was I thought someday I or the audience would probably look at the screen and say, ‘That’s enough of that,’” Eastwood said. “I’m not saying it won’t happen again, but the odds get less if you set yourself a goal that fits your age group. You just never say never.”

Eastwood has kept working for a long time. He found that movies were more his speed after starring in Rawhide on TV.

At present, Clint Eastwood is spending time behind the camera while working on Juror No. 2. When was the last time he appeared on screen as an actor? It wasn’t that long ago. All you have to do is go back to 2021 and his role in Cry Macho. But Juror No. 2 will be special as it’s Eastwood’s final film. He’s 93 years old and probably feels like it’s time to step aside.

Thankfully, we do have movies in which Eastwood shows up at different ages in his own life.