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Chuck Norris to Team-up with Vanilla Ice in New Action Comedy

Chuck Norris to Team-up with Vanilla Ice in New Action Comedy

Chuck Norris has dropped the zero and gotten with the hero! 90s rap star and fellow movie actor, Vanilla Ice, that is. That’s right, the martial arts legend and action film favorite is set to star alongside Ice in the upcoming Zombie Plane. According to Entertainment Weekly, the pair will play themselves in the action comedy. The film was shot in Australia earlier this year.

In this film, a covert government agency enlists the help of renowned celebrities as undercover agents in a race against time to defend humanity from an impending undead invasion. The movie, directed by Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Mier, also features Australian singer-actress Sophie Monk. You might have guessed that like Chuck and Vanilla, she also plays herself.

‘Zombie Plane’ Promises Loads of 90s Nostalgia

The director duo, Lav Bodnaruk, and Michael Pier, are currently in the post-production phase with VFX company Chop Shop Post. Shaked Berenson, the executive producer from Entertainment Squad, known for producing Turbo Kid and Tales of Halloween, hinted at a wave of nostalgia that will resonate with 90s kids. “Zombie Plane uses comedy, the zombie genre, and ’90s nostalgia as a vehicle, to comment on pop culture as much as it feeds it, Berenson told The Hollywood Reporter. “[Zombie Plane will be] creating unforgettable one-liners and situational comedy ‘to the extreme.’”

Studio managing director Jessica Butland also hinted at a master-apprentice relationship between Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice. “Vanilla Ice is in his element as a secret agent and Chuck Norris having trained him is excellent. It just works.” Seeing Norris as a Jedi to Ice’s Padawan should be a treat. Reportedly, the Delta Force star is billed as “Commander Chuck Norris” in the film.

Chuck Norris Hasn’t Been Seen on the Big Screen in Over a Decade

This is a return to film roles for Chuck Norris after a notable absence. The Walker, Texas Ranger icon was last seen on the small screen in Hawaii Five-0’s 2020 season finale. His last big screen appearance was in 2012’s Expendables 2. The action icon turned 83 this past year, but hopefully, he’s still in shape enough to karate-kick some zombie brains in.

Chuck Norris, a martial arts master and accomplished champion, followed in the footsteps of Bruce Lee to become a beloved action star on the silver screen. In fact, Norris made his screen debut playing the antagonist opposite Lee in 1972’s Way of the Dragon. He then ventured into leading roles that surprised audiences with box-office success, such as the late 70s hits Breaker! Breaker! and Good Guys Wear Black. The 1980s found Norris in military action pictures such as 1984’s Missing in Action. Of course, Norris became a legend on TV with his series Walker, Texas Ranger which ran from 1993 to 2001.