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Christmas Comedies: Movies Guaranteed to Make You ‘Ho Ho Ho’ This Holiday Season

Christmas Comedies: Movies Guaranteed to Make You ‘Ho Ho Ho’ This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be merry, and these jolly Christmas comedies will help set the mood!

If you’re looking for fun Yuletide films to binge-watch this holiday weekend, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of old and new comedies that the whole family will love. They’ll help you count down the hours until Santa’s return—or tolerate a house full of family drama.


Who doesn’t love a good Bill Murray movie?

This classic, over-the-top take on A Christmas Carol shows Murray in the Scrooge role as Frank Cross, a mean-spirited media tycoon who loves war, crime, and gore over Christmas and loves money over family. So when he fills his air time with gruesome holiday specials and mistreats his hardworking employees on Christmas Eve, the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, show up to give him a dose of reality. The movie will make you laugh till you cry, and it will become of your holiday traditions.

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Jingle All the Way

The goofy story shows Arnold Schwarzenegger as a workaholic father named Howard who gives his son one promise for Christmas: A Turbo Man action figure will be under the tree. On Christmas Eve, he heads to the store to buy one and finds out they’ve been sold out since Thanksgiving. Determined to make good on his word, he heads out on an epic Yueiltide adventure that’ll make you laugh out loud.

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This is a new Christmas comedy that all ages will love! The 2023 release is a sweet tale about a man who has lost touch with what matters most—his family. When he forgets a special day during the holiday season, he finds himself on the verge of divorce. But a twist of events gives him a second change when he stumbles upon a magical box with a genie living inside.

The movie is filled with plenty of jokes, thanks to Melissa McCarthy, who plays Genie. It’s also wholesome and heartfelt, which is what makes a holiday movie perfect.

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Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn play Kate and Brad, a stereotypical couple who hate the drama of family gatherings during the holidays. To escape the stress, they avoid their divorced parents each year and head out for a lavish vacation. But when flights are grounded one year, they’re forced to head to four different Christmas gatherings. The chaos that ensues initially pushes the two apart but ultimately brings them closer together.

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Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary is what Christmas Rom-Coms and chick flicks are made of.

The cult classic film is about a lonely, down-on-love businesswoman, Bridget, who wakes up determined to fix all that’s wrong in her life and starts a diary chronicling her plight. While working to live her best and healthiest life, she finds herself falling for two men. What’s worse is they both fall for her, too. That holiday season, she has to learn how to stay true to herself and her heart by understanding the real meaning of love.

You can watch Bridget Jones’s Diary with a Paramount + subscription.

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

Looking for a true Christmas comedy classic? Here it is!

This black and white war-time story follows Trudy, a small-town girl who goes to sleep an unmarried woman in an awkward romance and wakes up one morning pregnant and wed to a stranger. With no memory of her marriage or husband, she works to solve the mysteries of her supposed past.

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek is available to rent on Amazon and Apple.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is a tried and true classic the whole family will love.

Meet Ralpie, a young boy who is obsessed with getting a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun for Christmas. As the season kicks off, Ralphie does everything he can to convince the adults in his life that if he gets the toy, he won’t shoot his eye out. His determination plays out in a hilarious coming-of-age odyssey that will have you rooting for the kid.

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