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Bruce Lee’s Most Epic Fight Scene Moments

Bruce Lee’s Most Epic Fight Scene Moments

Bruce Lee made the world of martial arts into his own style and it would have gone even bigger had Lee not tragically died. Before he did pass away, though, Lee left behind quite a resume’ of film work.

It is through these fights today that people can still marvel at Lee’s fighting abilities. Lee only appeared in three fight films while he was alive.

With that small sample, Lee left behind some moments for us to think about.

Lee vs. Han

This fight comes from the 1973 film Enter the Dragon. A little bit of a cat-and-mouse game is going on between Lee and Han. Lee moves Han into a roomful of mirrors. Both men strive to find the real killer, yet their battle turns a bit psychological, too. So, where is the real killer? You have to keep watching. Enter the Dragon is blessed to have fantastic cinematography. The movie keeps on moving. Not much slowdown going on. This movie’s last battle is worth seeing.

Cheng Chao-an vs. Hsiao Mi

In 1971, Fists of Fury, known also as The Big Boss, helped cement Lee as the top action movie star in the world. Viewers get a treat at the end of the movie. Lee plays Chao-an and he’s going to shake things up. This movie’s final battle has Lee up against Hsaio Mi, the big boss. When watching this clash, pay attention to the strategy and storytelling efforts involved by both fighters.

The Hongkou Dojo Fight

Lee as Chao-an shows up again in Fists of Fury. It’s time for a little revenge from his standpoint against those people who were making fun of the Jingu School’s dead master. A number of students do their best to take down Chao-an. But they end up receiving a lesson they will never forget. This scene is filmed wonderfully and everyone knows their roles to a T. Keep your eyes out when Chao-an brings out the nunchucks.

Billy Lo vs. Dan Inosanto

Lee plays Billy Lo in Game of Death, the last movie that Bruce Lee was working on prior to his death. Lee and Inosanto pace one another brilliantly through their blows and timing. Watch as both men carefully and intently look to get the better of the other man. Nunchucks are involved, raising the drama level that much higher.

Tang Lung vs. Colt

As The Way of the Dragon ends, Lee, playing Tang Lung, squares off against Chuck Norris’ Colt. Both men are out to fight to the death inside Rome’s Colosseum. Lung and Colt go full bore and earn each others’ immense respect. Tang dominates as usual in his fight scenes. Yet never cut Colt short as he’s always pushing the edge. Lee shows off numerous types of moves and strikes. This is a fight you will want to see.