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‘Back to the Future’ Cast 2023 Pic, Including Biff, Revealed

‘Back to the Future’ Cast 2023 Pic, Including Biff, Revealed

Imagine if you could do some time travel yourself and see the Back to the Future cast in both past and present forms. Right now, take a look at the great movie’s cast members with these photos.

This compilation shows a photo from 1985 when Back to the Future was initially released.

From left to right up top are Thomas F. Wilson, who played Biff; Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly; Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc; and Lea Thompson, who played Lorraine McFly, Marty’s mother. As it turns out, all four of these fine actors gathered together for an updated photo this year. From left to right are Lloyd, Fox, Thompson, and Wilson.

Back to the Future allowed anyone who saw it a chance to experience the power of time travel. Of course, it helped that a DeLorean was around to help out. This movie provided a lot of funny, tender moments…and some good old-fashioned movie action and drama.

Fans, even as time passes from its original airing at movie theaters, might be interested in some behind-the-scenes situations. Did you know that the script for Back to the Future reportedly was turned down more than 40 times? That’s what Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale shared during an interview with CNN.

‘Back to the Future’ Features Doc, Marty Friendship

People who have seen the movie over the years know that Doc and Marty are pretty tight as friends. Yet how did this friendship take shape? Let’s turn back to Gale again, who shared the origin story with Mental Floss.

Gale says, “He snuck into Doc’s lab, and was fascinated by all the cool stuff that was there. When Doc found him there, he was delighted to find that Marty thought he was cool and accepted him for what he was. Both of them were the black sheep in their respective environments. Doc gave Marty a part-time job to help with experiments, tend to the lab, tend to the dog, etc.”

Wilson found himself a bit flustered by fans’ different questions about the movie. So, he took on a bit of ingenuity on his part. Wilson came up with a card featuring the most often-asked Back to the Future questions. Now, instead of answering the same questions over and over again, he simply hands out the card.

Finally, John DeLorean, the man behind the car that Doc fired up, actually sent a note to Gale. The note was regarding having his car featured in the movie. It read, “Thank you for keeping my dream alive.”