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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Comedy Roles

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Comedy Roles

Throughout his career, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in a lot of action movies but he’s also been a hot mess in some comedy movies. Whether intentionally or not, he’s able to bring out the laughs in different ways. He has an interesting accent which has led to funny dialogue moments. His facial expressions at the right time can trigger some guffaws from moviegoers and viewers.

With all that said, let’s take a look at some of Schwarzenegger’s best comedy roles. He is one actor who made the transition from action hero to comedic foil rather seamlessly.

‘Jingle All The Way’

It’s 1996 and Schwarzenegger plays Howard, a father who is desperately trying to secure a Turbo Man doll for his son. This is the hottest purchase available out there for Christmas. Howard, though, has to do battle with Myron, played by the comedian Sinbad.

Both of them make life hell for the other while looking to get Turbo Man. Robert Conrad, Phil Hartman, and Harvey Korman have guest-starring roles in Jingle All The Way.

‘True Lies’

While some might see this as another Schwarzenegger action picture, there’s plenty of comedy filtering through it. Arnold plays Harry Tasker, an international spy who goes up against plenty of tough guys.

His wife Helen, played by Jamie Lee Curtis (who steals the movie), and daughter Dana, played by Eliza Dushku, think Harry is a computer salesman. But Harry’s lives end up overlapping and it causes a lot of havoc. It’s also where the laughs kick in.

Tom Arnold co-stars here, but keep your eyes on Curtis for some slapstick humor.

‘Kindergarten Cop’

Schwarzenegger teams up with director Ivan Reitman in this flick where Arnold plays Detective John Kimble. He has to go undercover as a kindergarten teacher to try and nab a drug dealer. That drug dealer is looking for his wife and kid, who now live under an assumed name. Watching Schwarzenegger deal with the toddlers is a hoot.

He’s trying to get along with them, but comedy prevails. This movie is where Schwarzenegger utters, “It’s not a tumor!” And that line is part of the comedy culture forever.


Have you ever heard about a movie that sneaks up on you as a surprise? Let’s put this movie in that category. Schwarzenegger acts like a true bada** in this film. But he’s got a bunch of lines that cause people to laugh. John Matrix, who works under Special Operations, is out to rescue his kidnapped daughter, played by Alyssa Milano.

But he must get her from his old teammate Bennett, played by Vernon Wells. Bennett wants Matrix’s help to force a coup. Matrix declines, uttering memorable one-liners and fighting off people to get his daughter.


Schwarzenegger and DeVito, the team you didn’t realize that you needed. This 1988 movie has Arnold appear as Julius Benedict, who is a genetic experiment created as a human being. Julius was separated at birth from Vincent (DeVito).

This leads Julius to eventually leave the hidden island and go find Vincent. We see Julius become a rather big, lovable person while Vincent is a conman. Schwarzenegger goes to town here, playing his character like a little excited puppy dog. The jokes pretty much write themselves.