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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Pump You Up in ‘Hans and Franz’ Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Pump You Up in ‘Hans and Franz’ Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger desperately hopes the old Saturday Night parody Hans and Franz, which was inspired by him, makes it to the Silver Screen. 

The muscle-bound Terminator star visited the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast for a soon-to-be-released chat. While there, he revealed that he’d heard the opening scene from an unproduced screenplay about the characters during an O’Brien & CO installment, and he thought it was comedic gold. 

“It was so funny. There’s no comedy movie, to be honest with you, that I have laughed that much than just listening to you,” Schwarzenegger said in a teaser clip. 

Hans and Franz are Austrian bodybuilding brothers who claim to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cousins. They first appeared on the skit series in 1987. Dana Carvey played Hans, and Kevin Nealon played Franz. Their recurring segment, titled “Pumping Up With Hans & Franz,” showed the ridiculous meatheads tormenting people in horrible accents for being “flappy, pathetic losers.” Schwarzenegger appeared in the skit in 1988 and 1991.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hoped to Co-Produce ‘Hans and Franz: The Girlyman Dilemma

Rumors of a Hans and Fraz flick started circulating in the early 1990s. Initially, it was going to be titled Hans and Franz Go to Hollywood. From there, the story morphed into a musical named Hans and Franz: The Girlyman Dilemma. Nealson and Carvey co-wrote the script with O’Brien and SNL writer Robert Smigel. When Arnold Schwarzenegger heard about the project, he originally said he’d like to be a co-producer, Nelson told EW earlier this year. 

During the podcast, O’Brien admitted that they wrote Schwarzenegger in “half the movie” before even telling him about it. 

“It’s the most ridiculous movie in the world, and it’s a musical,” O’Brien added. “And one of my favorite things is we depicted your house as being two flexed buttocks that opened, and you walked through. It was so much fun.” 

The movie was lost in time after multiple SNL-skits-turned-movie bombed at the box office (think, It’s Pat: The Movie). During his earlier interview, Nelson also shared that Schwarzenegger had “just parodied himself in Last Action Hero” at that time. That movie did not go over well with audiences. So, he was apprehensive to do it again.

However, the star has changed his tune. And he urged O’Brien to dust off the screenplay. 

“It was fantastic,” Schwarzenegger laughed while remembering his favorite lines.”It was so well written, and I hope they do it. I really hope they do it. You still can do it.”