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‘X-Men ’97’ Trailer Drops, Brings Beloved 90s Series Back to Life

‘X-Men ’97’ Trailer Drops, Brings Beloved 90s Series Back to Life

The coolest 90’s animated mutants are back, Bub. Marvel Studios dropped a new nostalgia-driven trailer for X-Men ’97. The new series picks up the mutant mayhem where the classic ’90s cartoon, X-Men: The Animated Series, left off. It’s set to drop on Disney+ on March 20th.

The fan-favorite X-Men: The Animated Series aired for five seasons from 1992 to 1997. Now, X-Men ’97 acts as a sixth season, continuing the story after the emotional series finale in 1997, “Graduation Day,” where mentor Professor Charles Xavier meets his demise.

The new trailer offers a glimpse into the aftermath as Cyclops, Wolverine, Morph, Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Bishop, and other X-Men come together to navigate the aftermath of Professor X’s passing.

“We must remain vigilant. The professor entrusted us with his dream,” team leader Cyclops says, alongside footage of anti-mutant protests and Prof. X’s casket being lowered into the ground. The team fights giant Sentinel robots, and the final reveal shows that the villain Magneto has taken control of everything built by Prof. X through his last will and testament.

Along with the trailer, Marvel Studios also dropped a nostalgia-laced poster for the upcoming X-Men ’97. It features throwback VHS slipcases showcasing the most popular characters from the series.

90s Kids Everywhere React to the New ‘X-Men ’97’ Trailer

Of course, 90s kids everywhere were hyped about X-Men ’97 ushering in a return of the classic cartoon. “Instant nostalgia,” one fan wrote on X. “Alright nostalgia You win. You always do. Can’t wait for this,” another fan added. “If the first episode doesn’t start with “Previously, on X-Men” you dropped the ball, bub,” another fan quipped.

“Awesome!!! So ready and hyped for March 20th!!!”, an enthused fan wrote alongside a GIF of Wolverine hilariously gut-punching Cyclops.

According to IMDb, Beau DeMayo is the head writer of X-Men ’97, with episodes directed by Jake Castorena, Chase Conley, and Emi Yonemura. The series features music by The Newton Brothers. Of course, it’s executive-produced by Marvel Studios regulars like Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, and Victoria Alonso.

The voice cast features Ray Chase as Cyclops, Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey, Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm, Cal Dodd as Wolverine, JP Karliak as Morph, Lenore Zann as Rogue, George Buza as Beast, AJ LoCascio as Gambit, Holly Chou as Jubilee, Isaac Robinson-Smith as Bishop, Matthew Waterson as Magneto, and Adrian Hough as Nightcrawler.

X-Men: The Animated Series catapulted the mutants into the spotlight, paving the way for mainstream success in films. However, thanks to Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the X-Men are ready to assemble in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, Deadpool and Wolverine slash their way into theaters this summer, making it an X-traordinary year for the X-Men in the MCU.