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Viral Photo of ‘Peak’ 80’s Man Dining at McDonald’s Too Good to Be True

Viral Photo of ‘Peak’ 80’s Man Dining at McDonald’s Too Good to Be True

A viral image of the ultimate 80s man dining at McDonald’s while casually smoking didn’t live up to the internet’s nostalgic scrutiny. The image, showcasing a man with flowing curly locks and a stylish mustache, caused quite a stir when it made its debut on X (formerly Twitter).

The man appears to be recreating a classic scene from a bygone era – casually smoking a cigarette in a McDonald’s joint. Oh, the good old days before clean indoor air was all the rage…

“Peak male specimen at McDonald’s. 1989,” the poster wrote alongside the image. X users were lovin’ this macho 80s man nostalgic noshing in McDonald’s. The picture has amassed over 22 million views on X since it was posted on February 27th.


Many X users were beguiled by the power of the 80s man’s perm and mustache, embracing the McDonald’s throwback image without any questions. “I just want to date someone who looks like this,” a lust-lorn admirer gushed.

“I can hear Bon Jovi playing,” another X user wrote. “Ah the good ol days when you could smoke in McDonald’s,” another opined. Yet another fast food fan mourned a bygone era of secondhand smoke. “Smoking inside a mcdonalds. This is what they took from us,” they observed through teary eyes.

The Internet is Left Hollow After Uncovering the Origin of the Epic 80s Man Smoking in McDonald’s

However, other X users noticed something was amiss with the 80s stud. “Why does the shirt have sleeves but no chest?? That’s wild,” one X user noted. Indeed, the man’s chest is exposed, showing off an impeccably hairy chest. However, his arms sport t-shirt sleeves peaking out from his glorious denim vest.

“Text in the top right,” another internet sleuth pointed out. Upon closer inspection, the sign in question doesn’t spell “McDonald’s” correctly… “They didn’t even spell Coca Cola or McDonald’s right lmao AI not with the copyrights,” another X user quipped. “Oh great, more AI slop on my timeline,” on poster bluntly stated.

Yes, the above image was generated using AI. The original poster of the image made no effort to conceal this fact, despite not overtly stating it in the post itself. “Yeah, you should see the Ronald McDonald rendered with this. Aint worried about AI taking my job,” he wrote in the replies.

Eventually, the X community attached a note to the post, ensuring users understood the viral image wasn’t the genuine article. “This is an AI-generated image,” the note began. “Notable features of AI-generated images include garbled or nonsense text (the “McDonalds” logo in the top right corner says “Modlidani”) or misshapen body parts (the hands and face of the person sitting in the background).”

Still, others weren’t so self-assured about the McDonald’s 80s man AI-generated image. “Idk if I’m okay with the fact I’m going to be living through the advancements of AI. That photo looks so real at first glance,” one cautious X user wrote.