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Transformers Included on Ballot for Toy Hall of Fame: How to Vote

Transformers Included on Ballot for Toy Hall of Fame: How to Vote

Transformers dominated the toy shelves of the 80s. However, they have yet to be included in the Toy Hall of Fame. The robots in disguise join a handful of other iconic toys in the Hall of Fame’s “Forgotten Five”. The pogo stick, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, and PEZ dispensers join Optimus Prime and company on the list.

All five of these popular toys have not made the cut in the Hall of Fame’s twenty-five-year history. However, that’s about to change for one of them. This year, fans will cast their vote to see one of the “Forgotten Five” finally join the list.

To select toys for the annual induction ceremony, a panel of historians, educators, and experts cast votes on the top three choices from a dozen finalists. The internal committee curates these finalists from thousands of nominations received each year. However, experts have decided to open the voting to fans for the 25th anniversary of the Hall of Fame.

“They’re like Susan Lucci was to the Emmy Awards, or Steve Tasker to the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” chief curator Christopher Bensch told WABC-TV. “Now, one of these five will make the hall. For the first time, it will be purely in the hands of the voting public.”

How Transformers Fans Can Support Their Favorite 80s Toy

From now until October 24th, fans have the opportunity to cast one vote per day on the National Toy Hall of Fame website. The reveal of the winner, as well as the other inductees, will take place during the induction ceremony on November 9th. No offense to PEZ, but it seems like the Transformers will be a clear favorite. Still, they have My Little Pony galloping up right behind them.

The National Toy Hall of Fame invites nominations from all. However, only toys that inspire imaginative play and maintain popularity are considered. Last year, iconic toys such as spinning tops, Masters of the Universe action figures, and Lite-Brite were inducted. Previous inductees include old standards like Wiffle Balls, alphabet blocks, and teddy bears.

The Transformers have been nominated in the past, but have inexplicably never made the list. The franchise has spawned several cartoons and a successful film franchise spanning seven movies. The toys have never left the shelves since debuting in the 80s.

Out of the 12 finalists announced last month, three more toys will be chosen for honors by the National Toy Hall of Fame. The nominees include baseball cards, Battleship, bingo, Bop It, Cabbage Patch Kids, Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks, Connect 4, and Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. Also included are Nerf, slime, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. These esteemed toys will find recognition at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.