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These 5 Toys Were Repulsive and 80s Kids Loved Them

These 5 Toys Were Repulsive and 80s Kids Loved Them

Toys 80s Kids loved included an array of gross-out charm, guts, and gruesome attitudes that made adults’ skin crawl. Let us raise our juice boxes of Ecto-Cooler in praise of some of our favorite repulsive toys of the coolest decade ever.

He-Man Evil Horde Slime Pit Playset

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were the absolute kings of toys 80s kids loved for the first part of the decade. The action figures were nothing like what we’d seen before. With Arnold Schwarzenegger proportions, they dwarfed our puny Star Wars figures. However, by the late 80s, He-Man’s allure began to fade as Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles entered the fray.

Enter slime. That’s right, the way to an 80s kid’s heart is slime, and He-Man’s new antagonist Hordak used it to brainwash heroes into doing his bidding. Load a hero into the Evil Horde’s Slime Pit Playset and let the ooze flow!

Garbage Pail Kids

Atop the heap of disgusting collectibles of the 80s has to be the Garbage Pail Kids. The Garbage Pail Kids were a collection of trading cards and stickers showcasing children with unique abnormalities, and punny names. Characters like Adam Bomb (a kid with an atomic cloud exploding from his head), Cracked Craig (a kid so gruesome, he shatters mirrors), and Up Chuck (use your imagination) captivated kids. Part of the fun is there was almost certainly a character sharing your name.

The Garbage Pail Kids were inspired by the appearance of the Cabbage Patch Kids, which caught the attention of Coleco. As a result, Coleco sued Topps, the creator of the Garbage Pail Kids, for copyright infringement. However, nothing could stop the craze… or disturbed adults from clutching their pearls.

Mad Scientist Monster Lab

Essential in the arsenal of every gross toy 80s kids loved was the Mad Scientist Monster Lab. This one is clearly designed by adults who grew up watching Universal Monster flicks and classic TV like The Munsters.

The main purpose was to let aspiring mad scientists explore monster creation and annihilation. The package included a small tank filled with “Powdered Monster Flesh Remover” and the “Secret Froth Formula.” When combined, they produced an acid bath akin to a classic B-movie. Using plastic bones, you would construct the monster’s skeleton, then coat it with the “Monster Flesh Compound.”

Afterward, simply give it an acid bath to effortlessly remove the flesh, leaving behind only the bare bones.

Madballs, The Gross Out Toys 80s Kids Loved Disguised as Sports!

Madballs were soft, squishy foam rubber balls that were sculpted to resemble monstrous heads. However, these weren’t your ordinary monster heads. They boasted eye patches, scars, bandages, and even oozing pus – the works.

Each had a unique name like “Foul Shot,” a basketball with worms wriggling out of its head and eye sockets; “Oculus Orbis,” an eyeball; and “Slobulus,” a drooling monster with its eye dangling precariously. Mad Balls remain popular, ensuring multiple generations get to sling monsters at their Mothers.

Food Fighters

Okay, this one was a little short-lived. However, it was the peak of gross-out toys that 80s kids loved. Every kid loves a sloppy food fight. Well, these food items fought back. The Food Fighters, a line of action figures from Mattel, brought to life army men mashed with food items engaged in an epic battle for stomach supremacy. Yes, it’s bonkers. Still, the commercial is absolutely perfect 80s cheese.