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‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Rejoice: Daryl and Carol Are Reunited

‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Rejoice: Daryl and Carol Are Reunited

The Walking Dead fans finally get what they wanted from the recent Daryl Dixon spin-off: a reunion with Carol. AMC confirmed that Melissa McBride will be reprising her role as Carol from the original series alongside Norman Reedus for season two of his spin-off. Not only that, but she will return as a series regular in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. McBride played Carol in the main series for eleven seasons, appearing alongside Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon in the spin-off series set in France. The news dropped yesterday at the New York Comic Con.

McBride was originally planned to be a part of the show from the start. However, she had to leave when the filming location was changed to Europe to match the setting. Her debut will be in the Season 1 finale of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. That episode was previewed at NYCC and is set to air on October 15.

Of course, the spin-off has been a ratings success on AMC+ and AMC. The debut episode became the most-viewed premiere in the history of AMC+. It is on track to become the most-viewed series ever on the platform. On AMC, Daryl ranks among the top 15 cable dramas for adults 25-54 for 2023. The second season of the series, dubbed The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol, is set to drop in 2024. The series production is currently underway in France.

Unlike Most of ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Characters, Daryl Isn’t From the Comics

Reedus’ character, known as Daryl, made his debut in the inaugural season of the original series, The Walking Dead, back in 2010. Unlike other characters who originated from the comic, Daryl was a fresh addition to the adaptation. Remarkably, he managed to survive all 11 seasons of the zombie apocalypse. Of course, he’s the first individual character to receive a spin-off bearing his own name.

Carol initially appeared as a character in the early comic issues. However, in the TV adaptation, McBride’s portrayal not only surpassed her comic counterpart but also showcased her as one of the most resourceful and resilient survivors of the zombie outbreak. Fans rooted for the friendship between Carol and Daryl to blossom into a romantic one. So far, their bond has been strictly platonic.

Far from the outskirts of Atlanta, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon continues Daryl’s story in France. Stranded on the shores, Daryl becomes the guardian of a young boy named Laurent while he endeavors to reunite with his own people in the Commonwealth. The series can be seen now on AMC and AMC+, with the season’s final episode dropping on Sunday.