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The Rock Should Play Lex Luthor: Here’s Why

The Rock Should Play Lex Luthor: Here’s Why

DC has struggled to find the perfect actor to play Lex Luthor in their Superman movies. However, the Rock is the ideal choice for the role.

Since 2006’s Superman Returns, DC has faltered with their live-action film versions of Luthor. In that film, Kevin Spacey had to play a version of Superman’s archnemesis that was in line with the 70s Luthor played by Gene Hackman. Meanwhile, Jesse Eisenberg more recently played a millennial Silicon Valley iteration of the character in films like 2017’s The Justice League. Fans have yet to see a version of Lex Luthor more in line with the savvy businessman seen in the popular 90s animated series… a version Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” is perfect for.

For many, the 90’s animated version of Lex is the definitive version of the character. In the 90’s cartoon, viewers saw Luthor transformed from a mad scientist to a powerful, confident businessman. After gaining control over Metropolis using his wealth and influence, Luthor found himself threatened by the alien intruder, beloved by the masses.

Why Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Remains the Perfect Lex Luthor

Not only does the Rock physically resemble this take on Lex Luthor, but he also possesses a voice that rivals that of voice actor Clancy Brown in the role. There is no denying that Johnson’s chiseled physique and endlessly charismatic persona would make him a truly unique Luthor. However, the man also rocks a suit and is effortlessly cool with the bald look. This version of Luthor is proudly bald, unlike Gene Hackman’s sheepish, wig-wearing version. The Rock’s remarkable physicality would also provide an intriguing contrast to Superman. Likewise, Johnson’s age would perfectly capture the essence of an older man who believes he has achieved everything.

Of course, Johnson is a hardworking entrepreneur in real life. He exudes an irresistible charm that makes him a perfect fit for the role. Johnson is also shy to take on dynamic characters. As his film career continues to mature, it would be great for fans to see him play something other than the unstoppable hero.

The DC Universe is rebooting, with new versions of Superman and Batman in James Gunn’s “Chapter 1 – Gods and Monsters” film slate. The new Superman will be younger, but not an origin story. Nicholas Hoult is set to play Lex in the upcoming film. However, the filmmakers are missing yet another opportunity to knock it out of the park and cast the Rock as Luthor.