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Steve Harvey Chased by Ghouls in These Hilarious AI Images

Steve Harvey Chased by Ghouls in These Hilarious AI Images

Steve Harvey discovered that the survey says, “Scream while sprinting from monsters” in some recent viral AI-generated images. The long-time Family Feud host is no stranger to internet fame. His recent antics on X (formerly Twitter) and other social media platforms have everyone in stitches. Computer-generated images of the 66-year-old host have gone viral, showing him in various hilarious situations. From partying and arm-wrestling with Mr. Potato Head to evading ghouls, the sky seems to be the limit when it comes to putting Harvey in weird situations.

However, the spooky images are certainly the standout. Halloween is approaching, and Steve Harvey has become the focal point of eerie AI-generated pictures that are taking the internet by storm. Images showing Harvey being pursued by creepy creatures in the woods have quickly become the prevailing meme.

The images show the host, known for being meme-able, sprinting in terror as he is chased by monstrous abominations. Of course, fans found these photos hilarious.“I like to imagine these photos are from either the same night,” One Twitter user wrote. [Steve Harvey] just happened to run into 4 different monsters or on different nights and it’s a reoccurring phenomenon that he gets chased by monsters,” they added. “Never have I been as satisfied with an AI-rendered image than I have been with this,” another fan quipped.

Steve Harvey Recently Demanded Fans Stop Sending Him Picture of a Burger Lookalike

This isn’t the first time Steve Harvey has been the unwilling subject of a meme. Earlier this year, the veteran comedian demanded that fans stop sending him pictures of a hamburger that looked like him. The attraction to making Harvey the subject of memes only makes sense. Between his talk show and hosting duties on The Feud, he’s been a daytime TV mainstay for well over a decade.

Of course, Harvey’s viral fame brings to mind the recent Kevin James meme. It involved an old image of James from his King of Queens days, grinning coyly. Internet users began using the image along with captions of embarrassing social situations. From not tipping waiters to making eyes at bartenders just doing their job, James became the butt of a lot of jokes.

Steve Harvey isn’t the only celebrity to be concerned by AI recently. AI-generated content has faced ongoing criticism from celebrities. Recently, high-profile authors like George R.R. Martin, John Grisham, Jodi Picoult, and 14 others filed a lawsuit against OpenAI. They accused them of “systematic theft on a mass scale” of their works. In April, Drizzy responded to a viral clip of an AI-generated version of himself rapping Ice Spice’s song “Munch” on his Instagram Story. “This is the final straw AI,” the wordsmith wrote.