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‘Star Wars’ C-3PO Actor Selling Treasure Trove of Props For Whopper Amount

‘Star Wars’ C-3PO Actor Selling Treasure Trove of Props For Whopper Amount

Star Wars’ C-3PO, veteran actor Anthony Daniels, is selling props from the iconic franchise he’s been a part of since the beginning. Daniels, the voice as well as the man inside the golden droid costume, is teaming up with U.K. auctioneer Propstore to part ways with his Star Wars treasures. However, the Force will have to be with those bidding. The legendary gold C-3PO helmet, worn by the actor in 1977’s A New Hope, is expected to fetch a whopping $1.22 million.

The auction features a wide array of nearly 200 items. Notable highlights encompass the scripts used by Daniels in production. These include his meticulously annotated dubbing scripts for The Empire Strikes Back. Additionally, there are even components available from the iconic Millennium Falcon. “I did rescue those pieces of the Millennium Falcon from a bonfire at the back of Elstree Studios after production finished on Return of the Jedi,” Daniels revealed to BBC.

The 77-year-old C-3P0 actor also opened up about why he’s selling the Star Wars props. “It feels like it is time,” Daniels explained. “I realized I had these items and they’re not unloved but they are unlooked at. We don’t have them crowding the sitting room.” He continued, “Will I feel sad to part with them? No. I will enjoy the fact people will cherish and display them.”

Even Though the C-3P0 Actor is Selling ‘Star Wars’ Props, He’s Keeping a Few Items

Despite that, Daniels still showcases Star Wars memorabilia in his home. Among them is a miniature Lego brick statue of his character. This is a cherished gift received after working on a Star Wars Lego film. Additionally, he possesses a C-3PO statuette, fashioned to resemble an Oscar, which he acquired during his time with Lucasfilm. Don’t look for these items to be in the auction. I’ll take those to the grave,” he quipped.

After the production of Rise of Skywalker concluded in 2019, Daniels shared that he was given the chance to expand his collection by taking items from the set. However, he decided to decline the opportunity, explaining that he already possessed a sufficient amount of memorabilia.

The auction is scheduled to conclude on Sunday, with the majority of items from the esteemed Daniels’ collection set to be auctioned off on Saturday. Daniels plans to attend the auction. “In a curious way it means more to them than it does to me, because I have the real memories. I was there,” he explained.