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See Jason Bateman, Miss Piggy, and Kermit Spread Holiday Cheer in 1988 Muppet Magazine

See Jason Bateman, Miss Piggy, and Kermit Spread Holiday Cheer in 1988 Muppet Magazine

The cover of the Winter 1988 issue of Muppet Magazine serves up nostalgia, with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Jason Bateman ready for the holidays.

The trio are dressed swanky in festive attire. The future Ozark star and the famous frog even sport matching red bow ties. Meanwhile, Miss Piggy has switched her Christmas gifts from Kermit to Jason on the cover. However, we all know the little green present she truly desires from Santa.

Jason Bateman was on hand to promote his upcoming horror comedy, Teen Wolf Too. In fact, the biggest story inside, “Jason Bateman & Fozzie in Bear Wolf Too!”, features Fozzie interviewing Bateman.

While there are some tidbits about Bateman’s upcoming movie, most of the piece centers on Jason encouraging Fozzie to get on stage to perform stand-up. “You need a little confidence- just like my character, Todd, In Teen Wolf Too,” Bateman tells Fozzie. “What can I do, turn into a werewolf?”, Fozzie asks. “Exactly,” Bateman tells him, before putting some werewolf gear on him. As you can imagine, Fozzie Bear-Wolf is a “fur sure” hit with the audience.

(Photos Courtesy the Craig Garrett Collection)

Jason Bateman Made the Cover of ‘Muppet Magazine’, But the Centerfold was a Hollywood Legend

However, this issue of Muppet Magazine isn’t all Teen Beat with Jason Bateman. It also features a pin-up for the fellas. The “Pop Poster” features Miss Piggy on the Universal Studios Tour. She’s seen teasing King Kong with a banana. Hey, it could work out! Reportedly, the big ape has a thing for blondes.

(Photo Courtesy the Craig Garrett Collection)

Of course, the issue is chock full of nostalgic ads, too. One that sent ripples of disappointment down our spines was this one for Captain Power. The toys promised a fully interactive experience with the TV series it was based on. In every episode, there was a segment that incorporated visual and audio elements that interacted with the toys (which were laser/spaceship hybrids). However, since it was 1988, it really didn’t work.

(Photo Courtesy the Craig Garrett Collection)

Another ad that jumped out was this one for “Thundercats Live!”. Alongside the Thundercats, it boasts the Silverhawks, Gumby, and something called the “Street Frogs”. Since the ad doesn’t feature any actual photographs of the stage show, we have a hunch it was as disappointing as Captain Power.

(Photo Courtesy the Craig Garrett Collection)

Meanwhile, back in 2014, Jason Bateman was presented with this issue of Muppet Magazine on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Like anyone looking back on an old photo of themselves, he was nonplussed. The Arrested Development star immediately zeroed in on his epic 80s hair-helmet. “Look how flammable my hair looks there,” Bateman pointed out to Kimmel. “[My Hair] has so much body,” he quipped.