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National Retro Day: How to Observe the Ultimate Throwback Holiday

National Retro Day: How to Observe the Ultimate Throwback Holiday

National Retro Day celebrates a time before the internet, smartphones, or social media, rewinding to the days of simplicity and analog fun. Hermelinda A. Aguilar, along with Robert and Tina Duran, established National Retro Day to reflect on life before digital frontiers dominated our daily routines. Instead of selfies, your memory (and the occasional T-shirt) were all you had. The Registrar of the National Day Calendar designated the annual celebration on February 27 back in 2018.

However, what exactly is considered retro?

Retro encompasses fashion trends, music, art, and styles from the recent past, typically spanning around two to three decades before the present day. Yes, Generation X, this means the 70s and before are not considered retro. Essentially, anything over 40 years old is considered vintage/classic. This means that National Retro Day aims at roughly the 90s onward (although the 80s have to be grandfathered in… right??).

Regardless, the creators of National Retro Day encourage people to celebrate in whatever nostalgic ways they see fit. Give Amazon Alexa the day off and use your Grandpa’s Walkman CD player (and borrow an NSYNC album, too). Leave your Tesla in the garage and take your Uncle’s 1995 Nissan Maxima for a spin. Skip Starbucks and grab a Jolt cola.

Those looking to celebrate National Retro Day are also encouraged to throw retro-themed parties… Simply pick a favorite retro film like The Matrix, Wayne’s World, or House Party, and your fashion and soundtrack are all but set. However, we have a couple of specific retro ideas for anyone left feeling bogus.

90’s Themed National Retro Day Party Ideas

There’s a plethora of 90s-themed possibilities for a National Retro Day party. Get your bros together, crank up the ol’ VCR, and start pumping iron with an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie marathon. The kicker is you’d only screen movies from the Australian Oak’s peak, like Conan the Barbarian, Predator, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. End the night with Arnold’s “newest” vintage film, 1994’s True Lies… Suggested attire: Fanny packs (your gym shorts don’t have pockets, bro), sleeveless shirts, and mirror sunglasses. Suggested nostalgic nosh: Beer, dude.

Want a party instilled with a bit less testosterone? Grab your girlfriends and stop by the mall (one that’s still open) to have a Clueless infused shopping spree. Be sure to give the ugly duckling (as if) of the crew a beauty makeover and play matchmaker with the new boy at work. Head back home for a slumber party, complete with a photobooth to capture forever memories.

Suggested attire: bucket hats, oversized scrunchies, vibrant colors, and anything with geometric patterns. Suggested nostalgic nosh: Jawbreakers, Nerds, Fruit Roll-ups, Push Pops, Dunkaroos, and Ring Pops.

Observe National Retro Day on Tuesday, February 27th.