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The 7 Most Dangerous Recalled Toys From Your Childhood

The 7 Most Dangerous Recalled Toys From Your Childhood

You know, when you were a kid, there were toys that you really wanted to have so badly but in hindsight, they were a mess. Danger might not be the first thought or emotion that hits when you just gotta have this toy. Well, it’s time to put up the Wayback Machine and look at those toys a bit more closely.

Upon second look, maybe these toys should have been simply left alone. There’s no need to endanger other children by having these seven still around. On the other hand, when these toys were out, people might not have considered them dangerous. Times were different and what is “dangerous” now might not have met the acid test.

OK, let’s take a look at these seven dangerous recalled toys.

Aqua Dots

Now here’s a bright idea. Go ahead and arrange small beads, put some water on them, and the design you want will fuse together. What’s wrong with this? Well, accordingly, the 2007 toy has a coating that let the compound g2 get released and turn into the compound GHB, a.k.a. the date rape drug, when ingested. Whoops! Three children reportedly went into comas after swallowing the toxic pieces. That’s enough. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled some 4.2 million kits.

Atomic Laboratory Kits

We are sure that Missy or Junior doesn’t mind getting some science-based toys in their lives. Parents would like to see their kids grow up and keep on learning. But we run into a problem thanks to this 1960s chemistry kit. We’re talking about the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab. Oh boy, this might be great! But for this one thing. It had four types of uranium ore in it. Sorry, gotta make a hard pass on this one.


Kids love to play with magnets. After that, they are a lot of fun to get things to stick to them. Well, magnets are part of the Buckyball experience. These were never meant to get into kids’ hands, but they wound up that way. After this product launched in 2009, Buckyballs found their way into the hands of some little kids. What happened? About 1,700 children went to the emergency room in 2012 after swallowing the magnets. Oh, brother. The product was recalled.

Easy-Bake Oven

This is a favorite of young children looking to replicate the fun times Mom has in the kitchen cooking. Well, here comes the bad news. Hasbro, which makes the product, had to recall these suckers twice in 2007. That happened after a number of children burned their fingers. They got them caught in the small appliances. It’s reported that one young girl had part of her finger amputated. That’s according to a CBS report. Hasbro has since put out a new version with a heating element in it.

Fidget Spinners

Back in 2017, these babies were red hot. Put them in the hands of children and watch them go to town enjoying these toys. Welp, here’s the problem with them. The Fidget Spinners also had a choking hazard with them. This news comes from experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute. They discovered that branded and knock-off models had parts on them that could endanger children under 3.

Lawn Darts

Man, remember how much fun these were to have? Yes, just keep dodging out of the way and don’t get hit. This game was filled with weighted spikes flying through the sky. Nothing bad can happen here, right? Um, no. In 1970, the CPSC banned “jarts” for the first time. The group reached a deal with manufacturers to avoid selling them as toys. Still, some 6.000 kids were hospitalized in the ’70s and ’80s with related injuries. This included three deaths. The CSPC banned them for good in 1988.

Rollerblade Barbie

OK, this is Barbie. How dangerous can it really be? Well, when it comes to this one, it is. This toy comes from the 1990s. It caused a firestorm. So, there’s a cigarette lighter-like device put into her skates. It shot out sparks when rolling on a flat surface. You put that over something flammable and you have a big problem.