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McDonald’s Suits Up to Take Down Godzilla in Monstrous New Commerical

McDonald’s Suits Up to Take Down Godzilla in Monstrous New Commerical

In a new Japanese commercial, McDonald’s boldly challenges Godzilla to a legendary battle of fast food proportions. Who will reign supreme in this epic culinary clash?

In the video ad titled “Godzilla vs. McDonald’s,” the people of Tokyo brace themselves for the imminent return of Godzilla. According to Sora News, they tackle the issue of Godzilla’s hunger, with a TV specialist remarking, “[Godzilla] a living organism, so he can get hungry”. Another commentator adds, “A regular burger isn’t going to cut it.”

The responsibility falls on the McDonald’s employees to be the heroes, as one worker in uniform bravely remains, standing tall amidst a fleeing crowd. “Hello, and thank you for coming,” the fearless employee says. A frightened young girl then assists in directing the colossal king of monsters towards the fast food giant. “Over here, Godzilla! The Godzilla Burgers are over here!”, she shouts.

The McDonald’s Godzilla Burgers Feature Buns That Mimic Godzilla’s Scales

The purpose of the ad is to promote new offerings from McDonald’s in Japan. They have introduced three Godzilla Burgers, which are more filling with added meat. The three new sandwich options include the “Delicious Spicy Thick-Cut Beef and Rough-Chopped Potato”, featuring beef and potato patties topped with spicy mayo sauce and cheddar cheese. There’s also the “Smokey Pepper Chicken”, which includes a fried chicken cutlet, bacon, cheese, onion, and smoky mustard. Lastly, there’s the “Cheese Double Teriyaki”, a sandwich with two pork patties coated in teriyaki sauce, topped with cheese and lettuce. To add to the effect, the buns have a textured appearance resembling Godzilla’s scales.

Godzilla’s team-up with McDonald’s comes at a time when everyone’s favorite kaiju is reigning supreme in pop culture. Toho’s recent release, Godzilla Minus One, has shattered box office records and received rave reviews from fans and critics. The MonsterVerse series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

Excitement is also building as Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire stomps towards theaters on April 12, 2024. A new trailer for the film dropped earlier this month. It featured Godzilla teaming up with that other monarch of monsters, King Kong, to fight an even greater giant menace.

Godzilla Minus One is currently screening in theaters, with a black-and-white version premiering in Japanese theaters on January 12, 2024. Additionally, McDonald’s Japan locations will officially start selling Godzilla Burgers on January 5, 2024.