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McDonald’s Releasing Grimace & Hamburglar Inspired Crocs

McDonald’s Releasing Grimace & Hamburglar Inspired Crocs

McDonald’s and clog giant Crocs have teamed up and are rolling out a line of custom-designed footwear this week. The lineup includes three classic Crocs and one Crocs sandal, each representing a different McDonald’s mascot. Featured are Birdie, Grimace, and the Hamburglar. The collection features the iconic red and yellow color scheme of the chain. Images of the… unique shoes were shared on Twitter.

In addition, a variety of McDonald’s-themed charms will also be available for purchase, allowing you to customize your clogs with iconic symbols such as french fries, the Big Mac, and the Golden Arches logo. According to a press release, these shoes will be launched today, with prices ranging from $70 to $75. Additionally, there will be socks available for each pair of shoes, priced at $20. These items can be purchased at both Crocs retail locations and wholesale partners.

McDonald’s, in their press release, suggests that fans looking to get their hands on a pair of the clogs should follow McDonald’s and Crocs on social media. They mention that the release will occur at “midday” central time.

McDonald’s Collaboration with Crocs is the Second Such Union This Year

McDonald’s continues to expand its fashion collaborations with the recent partnership with Crocs. Following the successful limited-edition branded merch release with British skate brand PALACE in August, this marks McDonald’s second venture into the world of fashion.

The fast food chain often plays on the nostalgia of adults in its marketing. Last month, McDonald’s revamped their popular Halloween pails. Of course, 80s and 90s kids remember the original runs of the Halloween buckets. Debuting in 1986, they served as a spooktacular alternative to the standard cardboard packaging of children’s Happy Meals. The original set had three orange jack-o-lantern pails. Later years introduced a variety of Boo-Buckets, like witches and ghosts.

They had four buckets this year rather than the standard three. Along with the usual white, orange, and green, there’s a fourth purple pail. The designs include a white mummy, an orange jack-o-lantern, a purple vampire, and a green Frankenstein monster. The pails sold out quickly, driven by adults with fond memories of the pails from the 80s and 90s.

Meanwhile, Crocs has been experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity due to its exclusive collaborations. In September, it created a buzz with a Shrek-themed clog, while over the summer, it drove Pixar enthusiasts wild with a pair of Lightning McQueen-inspired Crocs, reminiscent of the beloved Cars character.