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McDonald’s Boo-Buckets Remain Topless: Ghosts Cry Outrage

McDonald’s Boo-Buckets Remain Topless: Ghosts Cry Outrage

The word is out that McDonald’s will have Boo-Buckets again this Halloween, but a detail has fans shrieking. Though the spooky pails debuted back in 1986 and returned most years after, they went on hiatus in recent years. However, they made a terrifying return from the grave in 2022.

Nostalgic fans were happy to see the resurrection of favorites like McPunk’n (jack-o-lantern), McGoblin (witch), and McBoo (ghost). With limited quantities, the pails sold out from location to location. However, one element of the relaunch let down collectors everywhere. The famous Boo-Buckets didn’t have proper tops like their OG 80s counterparts. Instead, they had an oddly designed two-dimensional silhouette of a lid attached to the bucket’s handle.

McFans Became Scream Queens Last Year Over Lidless Boo-Buckets

Needless to say, McKids of a certain generation voiced their disdain for the lidless Boo-Buckets across social media. “Y’all: the Boo Buckets don’t have lids,” one X/Twitter user wrote. “I mean, I still got a couple, but…no lids,” he added, along with a string of crying emojis.

Another Boo-Buckets fan agreed, posting a famous picture of Elaine complaining about muffins without tops from Seinfeld. “McDonald’s deciding to remove the lids on the boo buckets…”, they wrote alongside the image. “Picked up a couple of Ghost Boo buckets (only version they had),” yet another fan wrote. “Can confirm no lids, instead sticker sheets for tops.”

Finally, one disappointed fan took his complaints to the top. “I just realized the throwback Halloween Boo-Buckets don’t have lids like the originals from the 1980s. What the hell, McDonald’s!? You had *one* job.”

However, one Boo-Bucket mega-fan didn’t mind the topless Boo-Buckets one bit. “I can confirm that even without proper lids, the new Boo Buckets soak up the stink of McDonald’s and never let go. A plastic pail that smells like fries really takes me back,” they wrote.

The 2023 Pails Are All But Certain to be Topless

This year’s designs include a white mummy, an orange jack-o-lantern, a purple vampire, and a green Frankenstein monster. Promotional images appear to confirm they are without lids once more.

Regardless of their lid status, the fast-food titan boasted that the Boo-Buckets held onto life well beyond the spooky season. “The appeal of the Halloween Buckets extended beyond just storing Halloween candy,” they said in a press release. “McDonald’s highlighted how fans creatively reused the buckets as planters, makeshift drums, and even home decor pieces. This versatility showcased the enduring charm and practicality of these collectible items.”