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How an Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Prop Found Its Way to ‘The Mummy’ Set

How an Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Prop Found Its Way to ‘The Mummy’ Set

Movie props are usually saved and kept for historical purposes, and you’d think Star Wars would fall into that category. Yet there was a time when people didn’t really know what they had on their hands. Especially when it comes to the iconic robe worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

But that robe worn by Sir Alec Guinness wasn’t initially set aside. It fell into the hands of someone at Angels Costumes, a United Kingdom-based costume shop, according to SlashFilm. Company Chairman Tim Angel said back in 2005, “The robe would have come in just after filming on Star Wars finished and before it was released. It didn’t get any special treatment because at that point Star Wars was just another sci-fi film. No one knew how big it would become.”

Well, this costume was rented out for other things and people. In the 1999 movie The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser, it happened to be worn by an extra in the movie.

Staff Member Of Auction House Recognized ‘Star Wars’ Outfit

Angel also said it was one of his staff members who actually did take a look and see what they had in their possession. “One of the guys was sorting through this pile of monks’ robes and saw this brown one with an odd-shaped hood,” he said. “He put it on and the manager said, ‘Oh my God, it’s Alec Guinness’ cloak from Star Wars.’ It’s unmistakable, an iconic piece.”

From here, the robe landed at Harrods department store in 2005 as part of a British film costume exhibit.

The Star Wars franchise would make stars out of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and many others. When he accepted the role, Guinness already was an established actor. Once the first movie came out, it would go on and become one of the most profitable movies of that year.

Star Wars has yielded movies and TV shows after it hit movie screens. The franchise also has seen many of its items and characters turned into toys. For those hardcore fans, they pick these things up and hold on to them.

As the movie’s success led in to other films, it allowed the Star Wars story to grow and grow. Nowadays, the movies will be shown on cable television. They still draw audiences when the films are shown. George Lucas, based on reports, used the old Western tactic to pit good guys against bad guys.

One thing that the filmmakers have been able to do, thanks to film magic, is to have Guinness be in these later movies. Sometimes, it has been done in flashback moments. Maybe his voice saying, “Use the force, Luke.”