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‘Home Alone’: Here’s How Much Kevin’s Shopping Trip Would Cost Today

‘Home Alone’: Here’s How Much Kevin’s Shopping Trip Would Cost Today

The 1990 holiday classic Home Alone is filled to the brim with iconic scenes. Among the most memorable, however, is precocious 8-year-old Kevin McCallister’s trip to the grocery store all by himself.

With nothing but a $20 bill in the pocket of his winter coat, Kevin buys everything he might need for a few days away from his family – from the perspective of an 8-year-old, of course. The resourceful youngster buys the following from his local supermarket:

  • TV dinner
  • Loaf of Wonder Bread
  • Frozen mac and cheese
  • Cling wrap 
  • Half gallon (2L) of milk
  • Tide laundry detergent 
  • Toilet paper
  • Half gallon (2L) of orange juice 
  • Pack of army men
  • Dryer sheets

With Sally, the cashier, looking down at Kevin with unmasked curiosity, she rings up his items. In total, Kevin spent $19.83 on his early ’90s shopping trip – after his $1 off coupon for the orange juice, of course.

If the same scene took place in a modern grocery store, would Kevin be able to survive being Home Alone with just $20? Unsurprisingly, no. But just how much would the same shopping trip cost today?

Luckily for us, we don’t have to do the mental math, as TikTok user Geoffrey Lyons broke it all down in a recent video.

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Kevin Would Need a Lot More Than $20 If He Were ‘Home Alone’ Today

In the video, Lyons analyzes Kevin’s shopping list and adds a modern-day price to each grocery item, tallying up what the same trip would cost today at a typical supermarket.

“So, I broke it down, $4.50 for the orange juice. $4.50 for the saran wrap. TV dinner: couldn’t find the same one, so we did $5 for that one because it had the food inside,” Lyons explained. 

“$13.00 for the Tide. $3.00 for the Wonder Bread. $3.50 for the frozen mac. $4.60 for the milk. You got $8.79 for the dryer sheets. You got $8.00 for the toilet paper, and you got just $9.00 for the toy soldiers.”

Poor Kevin would need nearly his entire $20 bill for the Tide detergent alone! And the grand total for this extravagant shopping spree?

In 2023, Kevin’s bill would start at $63.73. After taxes, his total would come to $68.00 (with the help of his $1 coupon).

So, you might be thinking $19.83 to $68.00? What kind of price jump is that? Lyons broke that down for us as well.

Between Kevin McCallister’s 1990 shopping bill and what those same items would cost today, there is a 248% increase in price.

Let’s not forget that in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin goes even crazier with his spending! In addition to renting a luxury suite at The Plaza, one of the most expensive hotels in NYC, he spends $967.43 on room service! Even Kevin’s father, Peter McCallister, who could somehow afford to fly more than a dozen people to Paris for a Christmas vacation, might struggle with that bill.