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‘Halloween’: Iconic Laurie Strode Home Sold for $1.7 Million

‘Halloween’: Iconic Laurie Strode Home Sold for $1.7 Million

For Halloween fans, you are quite familiar with the home of Laurie Strode, played in the movie by Jamie Lee Curtis. If you were looking to buy the home, then you are out of luck. The fabled place is now off the market. It has been sold for about $1.7 million.

It was first listed in September and is in Pasadena, Calif. The home covers 5,258 square feet and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms in it. The original homeowners say the home actually was built in 1906. And their original price was actually $1.8 million.

According to the New York Post, the description of the property from realtor Heidi Babcock states, “Yes, this was a filming location for the 1978 film Halloween, as the house of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). If you watch the film you’ll recognize the infamous stoop that Jamie Lee Curtis sat on, holding a pumpkin.”

The description continues to say, “Unit #1 is a large 1-bedroom suite with bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, utility room, basement and a large, charming river rock porch. Unit #2 has 2 beds and 1 bath and kitchen. And Unit #3 has 1 bed and 1 bath, living room and kitchen.”

‘Halloween’ Homeowner Has High Praise For Place

Well, the home’s original owner makes a point. This person says “Each of the 3 units has picturesque windows and lovely views of the surrounding trees and neighborhood.” The realtor says the property has a fruit-bearing avocado tree. The seller says that the tree has been planted by their grandfather.

“This exceptional property is a wonderful place to live, work, and play in one of the most desirable communities in greater LA,” Babcock said. The newspaper reportedly reached out to Babcock for comment.

As for Curtis, 64, she actually first appeared as Strode in 1978. Regardless, that was as Strode in Halloween and she last reprised the role in 2022’s Halloween Ends. At the time, the Knives Out star posted a photo on Instagram. In the meantime, she called her last day on the film’s set “bittersweet.”

As a matter of fact, Curtis did write an essay for People. She said, “Everything good in my life can be traced back to Laurie. I was with the writer of the original Halloween when I saw my husband of 37 years for the first time.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Writes Essay

Meanwhile, Curtis writes, “Debra Hill and I were on my couch in West Hollywood in 1984.” She also says that “I opened up an issue of Rolling Stone, saw Christopher Guest in a ‘Spinal Tap’ story and said, ‘I’m gonna marry that guy.’ (I did, six months later),” Curtis wrote.

“As I write this, I keep connecting the dots,” Curtis said. “If I hadn’t been in Halloween, I wouldn’t have met John Landis, the director who put me in Trading Places and showed the world I can be funny.” By the same token, Curtis actually believes the 1983 film led to her being cast in other comedies. They include True Lies and Freaky Friday, starring opposite Lindsay Lohan.