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‘Goosebumps’ Reboot: Video Reveals Creepy Moving Slappy, Fan Jokes ‘Not as Terrifying as Gas Prices’

‘Goosebumps’ Reboot: Video Reveals Creepy Moving Slappy, Fan Jokes ‘Not as Terrifying as Gas Prices’

Although things get creepy and scary in the Goosebumps reboot, one jokes that the show may not be as terrifying as real life.

In a hilarious post over the weekend, the Goosebumps fan couldn’t help but use one of the show’s billboards for their hilarious joke. “Putting giant Slappy with MOVING EYES on a billboard is exactly how you get me to check out the new #Goosebumps (not as scary as the gas prices though),” the X user declared in a post. 

The hilarious post comes just days after the Goosebumps reboot premiered on both Hulu and Disney+. According to Variety, the series opened with 4.2 million views. The series is notably based on the popular children’s horror books, which were written by R.L. Stine. It follows a group of high school students who end up unleashing a series of horrific beings onto the small town they live in.

‘Goosebump’ Executive Producer Talks About the Return of Slappy and Having Justin Long Star in the Reboot Series 

In an exclusive interview with Mama Geeky, Goosebumps executive producer Rob Letterman talks about the return of the series’ key villain, Slappy, and what that means for the reboot. 

“We tried to keep that close to the vest and not reveal it until later when people watch the episodes,” Letterman said about Slappy. Unfortunately, Slappy’s surprise return was spoiled by the billboards featuring the possessed dummy. 

Letterman then said that Slappy is considered “the face” of Goosebumps so he believes he and his team delivered pretty well with the fictional character without giving too much way. “There’s a lot there in the final two episodes.”

Letterman also spoke about Justin Long and the rest of the Goosebump cast. The executive producer admitted that his team worked super hard to make this series happen. “The whole show is a lot of talented people putting in a lot of hard work. And the cast really does elevate it all to the next level. Our five teens are amazing.”

Letterman then described the audition for the roles as being a “really rigorous” process to find the right people for the roles. “And we got so lucky and they became friends. They hadn’t met each other. So they became friends outside of the show while shooting it and it really bleeds into the series.”

Letterman went on to add that Long took his role to the next level. “He’s doing so much stuff. It’s really incredible. Rachael Harris is amazing. Rob Huebel. We’re very fortunate.”