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Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ Character Gets Epic New Action Figure

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ Character Gets Epic New Action Figure

Clint Eastwood’s final Western character from Unforgiven is getting a high-end action figure from toy company Sideshow. In the 1992 film, William “Bill” Munny is a retired gunslinger who has abandoned his lawless past. He’s settled into life as a farmer. However, a new bounty lures him back into the life of a hired assassin.

Sideshow continues to impress with its faithful and accurate portrayal of Eastwood characters. They capture the essence of the Munny with remarkable likeness, detailed fabric coat, and a selection of Western accessories. Included with Munny are two revolvers, a shotgun, a rifle, a whiskey bottle, a whiskey glass, and a variety of interchangeable hands for any occasion.

However, the figure might make Eastwood fans have to take a bounty or two. It’s available for preorder for $290.

Sideshow worked closely with Clint Eastwood to meticulously develop and produce this figure, ensuring utmost faithfulness and accuracy in every detail. Unforgiven’s William Munny is the latest in a line that also features “Dirty” Harry Callahan, The Man With No Name, and Josey Wales. The company shared a video on YouTube highlighting the collaboration.

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ Was His Final Statement on the Genre

Clint Eastwood rose to fame through his involvement in Westerns, starting from the TV series Rawhide to his successful collaboration with director Sergio Leone in the “Dollars” Trilogy. Unlike the Westerns from an earlier era, Eastwood’s films in this genre took on a darker tone. Eastwood’s final statement on the Western genre came in 1992 with Unforgiven, a film he also directed. As a sort of bookend, he dedicated the film to Sergio Leone.

The film ends with a brutal shootout that showcases Clint Eastwood’s character as far removed from the heroes John Wayne played. Munny is cutthroat and clumsy, haphazardly taking down a room full of villains.

However, the film ends with hope, as Munny starts anew with his children, leaving their struggling farm behind, thanks to the money earned from the bounty. It’s worth mentioning that an alternate ending for Unforgiven existed but was eventually removed by Eastwood.

In an interview with Yahoo, Unforgiven screenwriter David Peoples discussed an alternate ending for the film. Originally titled “The William Munny Killings,” this ending showed Munny returning to the farm and reuniting with his children. When asked if he killed anyone, Munny simply replied, “Naw, son, I didn’t kill nobody.”

Peoples confirmed that Clint Eastwood shot this ending. However, it was ultimately cut from the final version released in 1992. “[Eastwood] thought that it was a beat too many, and he wasn’t going to use it,” Peoples recalled to the outlet.