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This ‘Casper’ Hand Puppet Video Will Take You Back to Pizza Hut in 1995

This ‘Casper’ Hand Puppet Video Will Take You Back to Pizza Hut in 1995

Blast from the past! A video of the iconic Casper hand puppet has popped up as the spooky season kicks off. The clip will take any millennial back in time to 1995 Pizza Hut!

“Remember when Pizza Hut had Casper Toys?” The video’s caption reads. “90’s kids had it special.” 

The glow-in-the-dark Casper puppets were available for $1.49 with any size pizza.

Casper hit theaters in May 1995. It was based on Casper the Friendly Ghost by Seymour Reit, Joe Oriolo, and Vincent E. Valentine II. An “afterlife therapist,” Dr. Harvey, travels around the country searching for the spirit of his late wife with his adolescent daughter Kat.

The duo meets the friendly ghost and his crazy uncles, Stinkie, Stretch, and Fatso in the scary-looking mansion Casper lived in before he tragically died. 

Those who starred in the film included Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Eric Idle, Cathy Moriarty, and ’90s heartthrobber, Devon Sawa.  

Christina Ricci Admitted She Hated Her Performance in ‘Casper’

In August 2022, Christina Ricci revealed that she wasn’t exactly thrilled with her performance in the now spooky cult classic, Casper. 

During her appearance on WTF With Marc Maron, Ricci stated that she can’t rewatch the movie because she’s embarrassed by her own acting. “If you actually watch Casper, I’m terrible in it,” the actress declared. “People get so upset when I say that. Because I’m like, ‘No, it’s a wonderful movie.’ Because it’s a childhood treasure to people. But I am terrible in it.” 

Ricci recalled being 13 while making the film and having a lot going on in her life. “Everything was very difficult. I was just always annoyed, and I just don’t think I tried very hard, to tell you the truth. Embarrassingly, I have to say, I don’t think I tried as hard as maybe I should have.”

Following the interview, Sawa, who appeared as Casper at the end of the film, had some thoughts about Ricci’s comments about her performance. “I mean, that’s her thing,” he told E! News. He then recalled the movie performance that he was not quite proud of. “Little Giants is my movie that I cringe at. I can’t put Little Giants on.”

Sawa went on to add the boat kissing scene still haunts him. “I wish I could go back and reshoot that. Knowing what I know now it’s just you’re a kid and you’ve got a lot to learn and she’s a powerhouse as an actor now. So I get it.”