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Boo-Buckets Resurrected by McDonald’s For Halloween

Boo-Buckets Resurrected by McDonald’s For Halloween

A spooky seasonal favorite is creeping back for Halloween, as McDonald’s revealed plans to debut a new set of Boo-Buckets. The fast-food titan made the return of their iconic seasonal pails official in a recent announcement.

Of course, 80s and 90s kids remember the original runs of the Halloween buckets. Debuting in 1986, they served as a spooktacular alternative to the standard cardboard packaging of children’s Happy Meals. The original set had three orange jack-o-lantern pails. Later years introduced a variety of Boo-Buckets, like witches and ghosts.

Boo-Buckets Returned in 2022 After 6 Years in the Grave…

Back in 2022, McDonald’s reintroduced the beloved Boo-buckets, much to the delight of their fans. McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin were the three Halloween buckets that made a comeback. These buckets, available at McDonald’s, came in various colors and had multiple expressions printed on each side. The initial promotional images of the McDonald’s Halloween pails seemed to feature a lid. However, it turned out that it was actually a peculiar two-dimensional silhouette of a lid attached to the bucket’s handle.

However, for this upcoming season, McDonald’s plans to have four buckets. Along with the usual white, orange, and green, there’s a fourth purple pail. The designs include a white mummy, an orange jack-o-lantern, a purple vampire, and a green Frankenstein monster. These pails drop on October 17, 2023. Last year’s set sold out quickly, so expect these to sell out like a bat out of hell!

To acquire one of these Boo-Buckets, simply place an order at a McDonald’s restaurant or through the McDonald’s app. Of course, your options include a Chicken McNuggets entrée, a hamburger, or a cheeseburger, accompanied by a side of fries or apple slices and a beverage.

A Rival Enters the Spooky Bucket Fray

Not to be outdone, Burger King announced plans to join the Halloween pail game. Beneath the surface of this year’s spooky and flavorful promotion featuring the new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries and the return of the Ghost Pepper Whopper, Burger King has stalked McDonald’s Halloween territory. In select markets, Burger King will also introduce glow-in-the-dark Halloween buckets adorned with whimsical cartoon images of chicken ghosts shaped like ghost peppers.

Starting Friday, October 13, Burger King locations in Nashville, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Atlanta will introduce the highly anticipated buckets. For just $1, customers in these areas can grab a bucket with any purchase.