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‘Back to the Future’: Broadway Show to Include Original Film Star in Annual Celebration

‘Back to the Future’: Broadway Show to Include Original Film Star in Annual Celebration

Saturday, October 21, is Back to the Future Day, and the cast of the iconic film’s Broadway adaption is welcoming a special guest to celebrate. 

Marty and Doc drove their DeloRean to Oct. 21, 2015, in Back to the Future II. The date has since been dubbed an unofficial holiday. So the Broadway cast invited original cast member Harry Waters Jr. to the playhouse for some festivities that day. According to Play Bill, he’ll be on hand for the afternoon and evening shows, and there will be “a few other special surprises” for the audience. 

Waters Jr. starred as Marvin Berry in the first film. Marvin is Chuck Berry’s cousin. Chuck, of course, was the singer of The Starlighters, the band that rocked out at Hill Valley’s prom. 

Back to the Future: The Musical was intended to debut on Oct. 21, 2015. However following some issues with the director, the projection stalled. It finally opened in England’s Manchester Opera in 2020 under a new direction. Then, it moved to London’s West End Theater the following year. The show won the Laurence Olivier Award and the WhatsOnStage Award for Best New Musical along with several other awards and nominations in 2022. Thanks to its success, Broadway welcomed the musical in June 2023.

Back to the Future: The Musical Follows the Story of the Original 1985 Film 

The stage “reboot” follows the original 1985 movie and includes songs The Power of Love and Johnny B. Goode as well as several original tunes. The cast is all new, with Casey Likes playing Marty and Roger Bart starring as Doc. 

Bart has taken the stage in both England and the United States—hundreds of times—and he explained that fans of the movie would enjoy the adaptation because the two are so similar. But they’re not identical, which gives it its own flair. 

“All of these scenes are subtly different from the movie, so you can’t help but play things differently because you’re presented with different situations. I was trained in the Meisner technique,” Bart told Inside the Magic. “So we try to talk and listen and understand our situation and the stakes. You just kind of let it fly. And if you’re trying to be honest from your unique perspective, then inevitably, you’re going to make it different.”

If you live in New York City or plan to visit next week, tickets are still available for both shows.