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Where is the Porsche from ‘Risky Business’ Now?

Where is the Porsche from ‘Risky Business’ Now?

Risky Business is a 1983 coming-of-age comedy starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, and a rather unforgettable 928 Porsche. The movie depicts the romantic adventures of a high school senior while his parents are away on vacation. It is widely regarded as Cruise’s breakthrough performance.

Though Risky Business proved to be a star-making vehicle for Cruise and De Mornay, many viewers were left pining for the featured Porsche. The featured movie car is a 1981 Platinmetallic 920 with a five-speed manual transmission, Phone-dial cast alloy wheels, gold interiors, and a license plate reading N2Z 264.

The Journey of One Filmmaker to Track Down the ‘Risky Business’ Porsche

The car was featured in a documentary titled The Quest for the RB928 (Risky Business 928). The film followed filmmaker Lewis Johnsen’s pursuit of the vehicle. According to the documentary, a total of five (or six) cars were used for the filming of Risky Business—each one with variations in years, models, and transmissions.

The main “hero-car” was a 1981 Platinmetallic 928 with an automatic transmission. Originally rented from stockbroker Ted Kohl for $500 a day, the lease was later taken over by his lawyer, James Schlifke. Schlifke incurred a loss of $1,500 on the transaction, subsequently selling the car to a foreign buyer discreetly, omitting its identity as a movie car to avoid depreciation concerns. During this period, Tom Cruise was not yet a household name.

The second car, a 1979 928, was reportedly used to teach Cruise how to drive stick by Avnet. Jim Riccio, from Risky Business, rented it from a California props or movie-car broker. The third car made a brief appearance as a “fill” car, used when De Mornay disengaged it. Unfortunately, no documentation exists for this particular vehicle.

The last Porsche 928, the fourth one, famously took a dip in Lake Michigan. It was rented from a props guy in California, painted brown to match the gold like some other cars. It was emptied, dumped, fished out, dried, reassembled, and returned to the props guy.

Two additional 928s were utilized for post-production. However, while there was potential for another, none of these vehicles were part of the movie.

Filmmaker Lewis Johnsen successfully located the second car, a five-speed manual one, and made the purchase. Subsequently, he removed some of the white repaint to reveal the gold underneath, confirming its authenticity as one of the Risky Business Porsches.

The Ultimate Fate of the Only Verified ‘Risky Business’ Porsche

However, at that point, the car had aged, and Johnsen found himself low on funds. Despite this, he held onto the car for a period, even showcasing it at the premiere of his film, The Quest for RB 928. Eventually, the very same car went up for auction. In 2012, the 1979 Porsche 928 – the car Tom Cruise had mastered stick shift driving in – was sold for $49,500, according to Forbes.

Yet, in September 2021, the final documented Risky Business 928 Porsche was auctioned at Barrett-Jackson’s Houston location. According to the documentary, a total of five (or six) cars were used for the filming of Risky Business—each one with variations in years, models, and transmissions.

The car sold for an astounding $1.98 million. This set an unprecedented record price for any Porsche, regardless of its year or condition. Reportedly a top-condition 928 would typically command a price of around $79,500.