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Where is the Original ‘Mad Max’ Car Now? All About the Iconic Ford Falcon

Where is the Original ‘Mad Max’ Car Now? All About the Iconic Ford Falcon

“She’s the last of the V-8s. She sucks nitro,” are the immortal lines that introduce Mad Max’s legendary car. Of course, Max’s original Pursuit Special is one of the coolest movie cars around.

Max Rockatansky cruised in a vibrant 1974 Ford Falcon XB Sedan at the kickoff of the classic Mad Max. This Falcon, once a legit cop car for Victoria police, was among the elite Main Force Patrol trio. Sporting a 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8 engine, it dodged dings both on and off camera, proving to be quite the survivor.

However, it’s Max’s sleek black V8 Interceptor that steals the show midway through the film, becoming the true icon of the series. The car appears in every film in the series except for Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. It was a modified 1973 Ford XB Falcon with a GT 351 c.i. Cleveland V8. Director George Miller considered a Mustang but opted for the Falcon due to cost and parts availability.

Mad Max’s ride sported a wicked vibe – rocking a midnight black coat with matte stripes. It flaunted a sassier Concorde front, a rooftop spoiler, and chrome accents only on the quad side pipes and supercharger, perched conspicuously high off the intake as a snazzy nonfunctional piece.

Mad Max’s Car is Recruited for Sequel Duty

Following the filming, the car was presented as a gift to stuntman Murray Smith, as the production had exceeded their budget crafting Mad Max’s vehicle. The car underwent a conversion to meet road-legal standards, which involved removing the unnecessary supercharger. Although attempts were made to sell it, the Falcon found its way back into action for the sequel.

The stylish coupe underwent a rugged transformation in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. The production team removed the interior and rear sections to accommodate large dual-fuel tanks.

Max’s Interceptor was destroyed in the movie, leading to the decision to scrap the remaining coupe with other leftover production vehicles. However, fate intervened. The Interceptor was saved and passed through a series of caretakers before ending up with Mad Max fan Bob Fursenko in the mid-1980s.

According to Hot Cars, Fursenko replaced the severely damaged front end of the Concord. However, he kept the rear as seen in The Road Warrior. Additionally, he applied a high gloss black lacquer to the entire car, giving it a shine even more brilliant than the Interceptor had on screen.

In 1992, the Falcon became part of the Cars of the Stars museum in Keswick, England. It remained on display there until 2011, when the complete collection was acquired by the Miami Auto Museum. Despite going up for sale in recent years, it’s still on display there.