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Where is the Iconic Car From ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Now?

Where is the Iconic Car From ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Now?

In 1968, a magical car simply named “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” made its way into moviegoers’ hearts all over the world. And wouldn’t you like to know where that car is right now? We’ll get to that in a minute, including some details for the gearheads out there.

This car happens to come out of the imagination of author Ian Fleming. He’s best known for his James Bond books. Well, Fleming wrote a children’s book in 1964. This book was for his son Caspar. Ultimately, this story found its way into the hands of movie producer Albert R. Broccoli. Again, another mastermind behind the James Bond films. Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Downs came on board in the lead roles. Heck, they found a role for the legendary Benny Hill, just a year before his TV series started up.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had some incredible songs written for the movie by Robert B. Sherman and his brother Richard. Their names are also connected to several songs connected to Walt Disney movies.

‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Car Part of Movie Plot

According to IMDb, an inventor named Caractacus Potts (Van Dyke) was down on his luck but he gets an idea. He makes a broken-down Grand Prix car into a super-fancy one for his children. Then, they go off on a fantasy adventure. That’s done so they can make sure the kids’ grandfather is OK in a distant land.

What about the car? What’s the makeup, model, and engine associated with this one? So, Ken Adams was the mastermind behind the car build. The Ford Racing Team built the car. Six of these were made with only one in an operational mode. Five others were for wreck purposes or scenes without people.

“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” the car is boosted by a 3.0-liter Ford 6-cylinder engine. For a dashboard plate, it has gone from a World War I British fighter plane. That’s along with a red-and-white cedar boat deck. In Great Britain, the car had license plates (fully registered) and it’s street legal…or so we are led to believe. The car’s bonnet is made from aluminum. And the rear of the car? That was made from cedar and it happened to be polished by hand.

Looking For The Car? Go To New Zealand

So, after the movie was made, this car fell into the ownership of Pierre Picton. He had it from 1970 until 2011. Picton would take the car to automotive events in Great Britain, according to Motorius. Well, when it hit 2011 on the calendar, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was put up for auction. A winning bid of $805,000 was made and the car had a new owner.

Guess who has the car now? None other than film director Peter Jackson, whose name is synonymous with the Lord of the Rings movies. But this car is located, right now, in New Zealand with a “GEN1I” license plate. That’s because “GEN11” was taken.

If you want to go see the car, then hop on a plane and head for New Zealand. Jackson takes the car around to different fundraising events for charities.

One might imagine Jackson looking to put in a bid on other iconic cars. Could you see the Batmobile sitting right next to “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”? Those cars are out there. And there are plenty of car fans keeping up with where the next catch might be made.

Since revamps are in vogue, what about making a modern-day version of this movie? It could introduce a whole new generation to the movie. Kids and parents alike would get a kick from it.

But this version will get kids rolling with laughter. It’s an attention-getter from the 1960s. Cars like this are pretty much a dime a dozen…and that is more difficult to catch. But “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” remains functional, giving anyone who visits it something to remember for a lifetime.