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Where is the Car Tupac Was Shot and Killed in Today?

Where is the Car Tupac Was Shot and Killed in Today?

Hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur died in 1996 on the Las Vegas Strip in a drive-by shooting. The car he was shot in was a 1996 BMW 750iL. The car, originally owned by his label Death Row Records, has had several owners.

After the Tupac murder investigation, the car he was shot in became a sort of museum piece. It changed hands between collectors aiming to profit from the incident. Gary Zimet, from Moments in Time, briefly owned the BMW. He sought $1.5 million for it.

Today, the car Tupac was shot in is for sale at a Las Vegas dealership named Celebrity Cars. The dealer is asking a hefty $1,750,000 for it. Despite its dark history, this isn’t a mint-condition, limited-run special edition BMW. It’s just a standard 1990s BMW, which has also been repaired since the shooting.

The infamous car Tupac was shot in has been on sale for years. It was even featured in season 15 of Pawn Stars. However, a deal was never worked out.

Not only that but this vehicle has been used quite a bit. The CarFax report reveals that the car has switched owners multiple times in the past 25 years and has seen regular use.

The Car Tupac Was Shot in Saw Regular Use Until Around 2017

The car was bought new by Death Row Records with only 65 miles on the odometer in mid-June 1996. After July 1996, there’s a gap likely due to investigations from the shooting. A record reappears in the summer of 1999, showing consistent use and maintenance until late 2002, suggesting ownership by Death Row Records affiliates.

The second owner drove over 23,000 miles in two years before selling it in 2004. The third owner had it briefly in 2005. The fourth owner kept it from 2005 to 2017. Since then, Celebrity Cars in Vegas has had possession, despite a noted mileage discrepancy. Notably, the vehicle has exceeded 120,000 miles, showing it was more than just a showpiece.

Of course, Tupac is an icon, but would anyone want to own the car he was shot in? Especially considering it was restored after the shooting, making it a pretty ordinary BMW. Celebrity Cars certainly believes so. “We’ve had a lot of international interest, and those tend to be the most serious buyers,” Celebrity Cars manager Ryan Hamilton said in 2023. “It is a worldwide phenomenon of what Tupac is and what he did.”